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February 22, 2018



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Oscar Winner

Mary Pickford as Norma Besant

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Pickford cut off her long locks for this role (and a change).

Min and Bill


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Oscar Winner

Marie Dressler as Min Divot

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A woman does everything in her power to protect her adopted daughter from the girl’s birth mother.

The Divorcee


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Oscar Winner

Norma Shearer as Jerry Bernard Martin

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Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Robert Z. Leonard)

Best Director (Robert Z. Leonard)

Best Writing-John Meehan

Norma’s brother Douglas won an Oscar for Best Sound Recording the same night, making them the first siblings to win Oscars.

Lady for a Day


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Oscar Nominations

Dame May Robson as Apple Annie

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Best Picture (Frank Capra)

Best Director (Frank Capra)

Best AdaptationRobert Riskin

A street vendor tries to masquerade as a member of high society.

Theodore Goes Wild


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Oscar Nominations

Irene Dunne as Theodora Lynn/pen name Caroline Adams

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Best Film Editing-Otto Meyer

A church-going woman writes a racy novel based on her hometown.

Ball of Fire


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Oscar Nominations

Barbara Stanwyck as Katherine “SugarPuss” O’Shea

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Best Original Story-Billy Wilder and Thomas Monroe

Best Music Score of a Dramatic PictureAlfred Newman

Best Sound RecordingThomas T. Moulton

Stanwyck had quite the year in 1941.  She also had memorable turns in The Lady Eve and Meet John Doe.

Kitty Foyle


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Oscar Winner

Ginger Rogers as Katherine “Kitty” Foyle

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Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (David Hempstead)

Best Director (Sam Wood)

Best Screenplay-Dalton Trumbo

Best Sound Recording-John Aalberg

Kitty is torn between a very rich man and a middle-class doctor.



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Oscar Winners

Bette Davis as Julie Mardsen

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Best Supporting ActressFay Bainter as Aunt Belle Massey

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Hal B. Wallis and Henry Blanke)

Best ScoringMax Steiner

Best CinematographyErnest Haller

Bette Davis didn’t get the part of Scarlett O’Hara, so this was the next best thing.

The Three Faces of Eve


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Oscar Winner

Joanne Woodward as Eve White/Eve Black/Jane

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Woodward made her own dress for the Oscar ceremony.

Born Yesterday


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Oscar Winner

Judy Holliday as Emma “Billie” Dawn

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Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (S. Sylvan Simon)

Best Director (George Cukor)

Best Screenplay-Albert Mannheimer

Best B&W Costume DesignJean Louis

Holliday beat out the career triumphs of Bette Davis and Gloria Swanson!

The Lion in Winter


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Oscar Winners

Katharine Hepburn as Eleanor of Aquitaine

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Best Adapted ScreenplayJames Goldman

Best Original ScoreJohn Barry

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Joseph E. Levine, Jane C. Nusbaum, and Martin Poll)

Best Director (Anthony Harvey)

Best ActorPeter O’Toole as King Henry II of EnglandKing Henry II of England

Best Costume Design-Margaret Furse

This was the only true tie in Academy Award history. In 1932, Wallace Beery and Fredric March technically tied because they were only separated by one vote.  Hepburn shared the award with Barbra Streisand.



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Oscars Winners

Janet Gaynor as The Wife

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Best Unique and Artistic Picture (William Fox)

Best Cinematography-Charles Rosher and Karl Struss

Oscar Nomination

Best Art DirectionRochus Gliese

Gaynor held the record for youngest best actress until 1986 when Marlee Matlin won.

Blue Sky


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Oscar Winner

Jessica Lange as Carly Marshall

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By the time this 1990 production was released in 1994, the director had been dead for three years!


February 20, 2018

The Best Supporting Actor Oscar was first given out in 1937 with Walter Brennan winning for Come and Get It (which will be shown today).  Brennan won two more times in the next four years!

Come and Get It


Oscar Winner

Walter Brennan as Swan Bostrom

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Oscar Nomination

Best Film Editing-Edward Curtiss

Brennan won the first Best Supporting Actor Oscar which he would repeat in 1938 and 1940.

Tortilla Flat


Oscar Nomination

Frank Morgan as The Pirate

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White people play Mexicans.  A drawback of Old Hollywood.

The Story of G.I. Joe


Oscar Nominations

Robert Mitchum as Lt. Capt. Bill Walker

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Best Screenplay-Leopold Atlas, Guy Endore, and Phillip Stevenson

Best Music Score of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture-Louis Applebaum and Ann Ronell

Best Song-“Linda” by Ann Ronell

War correspondent Ernie Pyle joins an Army unit to learn what battle is all about.

The Best Man


Oscar Nomination

Lee Tracy as President Art Hockstader

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Two presidential hopefuls vie for the President’s endorsement.

Broken Arrow


Oscar Nominations

Jeff Chandler as Cochise

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Best Screenplay-Albert Maltz

Best Color Cinematography-Ernest Palmer

A prospector tries to broker peace between white settlers and the Apache.

Sweet Bird of Youth


Oscar Winner

Ed Begley as Tom “Boss” Finley

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Oscar Nominations

Best ActressGeraldine Page as Alexandra Del Lago

Best Supporting ActressShirley Knight as Heavenly Finley

An aspiring actor/gigolo escorts an actress to his Florida hometown.

The Subject was Roses


Oscar Winner

Jack Albertson as John Cleary

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Oscar Nomination

Best Actress-Patricia Neal as Nettie Cleary

Patricia Neal’s first film after suffering a massive stroke in 1965.

Viva Zapata!


Oscar Winner

Anthony Quinn as Eufemio Zapata

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Oscar Nominations

Best Actor-Marlon Brando as Emiliano Zapata

Best ScreenplayJohn Steinbeck (!)

Best Dramatic or Comedy ScoreAlex North

Best B&W Art Direction-Lyle Wheeler and Leland Fuller (Art Direction); Thomas Little and Claude Carpenter (Set Decoration)

Brando first film after playing Stanley.

A Thousand Clowns


Oscar Winner

Martin Balsam as Arnold Burns

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Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Fred Coe)

Best Adapted ScreenplayHerb Gardner

Best Adaptation or Treatment ScoreDon Walker

A recently unemployed writer fights to keep custody of his nephew.

All the President’s Men


Oscar Winners

Jason Robards as Ben Bradlee

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Best Adapted ScreenplayWilliam Goldman

Best Sound-Dick Alexander, Les Fresholtz, Arthur Piantadoisi and Jim Webb

Best Art Direction-George Jenkins (Art Direction) and George Gaines (Set Decoration)

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Walter Coblenz)

Best Director (Alan J. Pakula)

Best Supporting ActressJane Alexander as Judy Graham Hoback

Best Film Editing-Robert L. Wolfe

Now we have “Stupid Watergate.”

Ryan’s Daughter


Oscar Winners

Sir John Mills as Michael

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Best CinematographyFreddie Young

Oscar Nominations

Best ActressSarah Miles as Rosy Ryan

Best SoundGordon K. McCallum and John Bramall


Emma Bovary set in post-WWI Ireland.

February 19, 2018

The award was first given in 1937 for the film performances of 1936.  The first winner was Gale Sondergaard (whose nominated work for another film will be shown today) for her work on Anthony Adverse.

None but the Lonely Heart


Oscar Winner

Ethel Barrymore as Ma Mott

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Oscar Nominations

Best ActorCary Grant as Ernie Mott

Best Music Score of a Dramatic or Comedy PictureHanns Eisler and C. Bakaleinikoff

Best Film Editing-Roland Gross

Cary Grant was never nominated again.

Key Largo


Oscar Winner

Claire Trevor as Gaye Dawn

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The final Bogie and Bacall film.

The Little Foxes


Oscar Nominations

Patricia Collinge and Teresa Wright as Birdie Bagtry-Hubbard and Alexandra Giddens

Image result for patricia collingeImage result for teresa wright

Best Picture (Samuel Goldwyn)

Best Director (William Wyler)

Best ActressBette Davis as Regina Hubbard Giddens

Best ScreenplayLillian Hellman

Best Music Score of a Dramatic Picture-Meredith Wilson

Best B&W Art Direction-Stephen Goosson (Art Direction) and Howard Bristol (Set Decoration)

Best Film EditingDaniel Mandell

Three people marry or are born into a greedy, dysfunctional family.

Anna and the King of Siam


Oscar Winners

Best B&W Art DirectionLyle Wheeler and William S. Darling (Art Direction); Thomas Little and Frank E. Hughes (Set Decoration)

Best B&W Cinematography-Arthur C. Miller

Oscar Nominations

Gale Sondergaard as Lady Thiang

Image result for gale sondergaard

Best Screenplay-Sally Benson and Talbot Jennings

Best Music Score of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture-Bernard Hermann

The non-muscial version of The King and I.  Rex Harrison keeps his hair.

The Bad and the Beautiful


Oscar Winners

Gloria Grahame as Rosemary Barlow

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Best Story and Screenplay-Charles Schnee

Best B&W Art Direction-Cedric Gibbons and Edward Carfagno (Art Direction); Edwin B. Willis and Keogh Gleason (Set Decoration)

Best B&W Cinematography-Robert Surtees

Best B&W Costume DesignHelen Rose

Oscar Nomination

Best ActorKirk Douglas as Jonathan Shields

This movie holds the record for winning the most awards without being nominated for Best Picture.

California Suite


Oscar Winner

Maggie Smith as Diana Barrie

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Oscar Nominations

Best Adapted Screenplay-Neil Simon

Best Art Direction-Albert Brenner (Art Direction) and Marvin March (Set Decoration)

Maggie Smith became the only person who won the Oscar for playing someone losing an Oscar.

The Great Lie


Oscar Winner

Mary Astor as Sandra Novak

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A woman plans to pass off her rival’s baby as her own.

The V.I.P.’s


Oscar Winner

Margaret Rutherford as The Duchess of Brighton

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A bunch of people are stuck at the airport due to fog.

Separate Tables


Oscar Winners

Dame Wendy Hiller as Pat Cooper

Image result for wendy hiller

Best ActorDavid Niven as Major David Angus Pollock

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Harold Hecht)

Best ActressDeborah Kerr as Sybil Railton-Bell

Best Adapted Screenplay-John Gay and Terence Rattigan

Best Dramatic or Comedy Score-David Raskin

Best B&W Cinematography-Charles Lang, Jr.

David Niven is the only Oscar host to win an award during the ceremony.

The Last Picture Show


Oscar Winner

Cloris Leachman as Ruth Popper

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Best Supporting ActorBen Johnson as Sam the Lion

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Stephen J. Friedman)

Best Director (Peter Bogdanovich)

Best Supporting ActorJeff Bridges as Duane Jackson

Best Supporting ActressEllen Burstyn as Lois Farrow

Best Adapted ScreenplayPeter Bogdanovich and Larry McMurtry

Best CinematographyRobert L. Surtees

The changing times in a small Texas town.

The Year of Living Dangerously


Oscar Winner

Linda Hunt as Billy Kwan

Image result for linda hunt

Hunt is the only performer to win an Oscar for playing a member of the opposite sex.

February 19, 2018

The Westerner


Oscar Winner

Walter Brennan as Judge Roy Bean

Oscar Nominations

Best Original Story-Stuart N. Lake

Best B&W Art DirectionJames Basevi

Brennan won his 3rd Oscar in the 5th year of the Supporting Actor award!



Oscar Nominations

Robert Ryan as Montgomery

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Best Picture (Adrian Scott)

Best Director (Edward Dmytryk)

Best Supporting ActressGloria Grahame as Ginny Tremaine

Best Screenplay-John Paxton

Police and the Army investigate the murder of a Jewish man.

Johnny Eager


Oscar Winner

Van Heflin as Jeff Harnett

A gangster seduces and attempts to blackmail a DA’s daughter.



Oscar Nominations

Roland Young as Cosmo Topper

Image result for roland young

Best Sound RecordingElmer A. Raguse

A hard-partying married couple is killed in a car accident and haunt a bank president.

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn


Oscar Winner

James Dunn as Johnny Nolan

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Oscar Nomination

Best ScreenplayFrank Davis and Tess Slesinger (posthumous)

Actress Peggy Ann Garner won a special Juvenile award for her role as Francine Nolan.

Rebel Without a Cause


Oscar Nominations

Sal Mineo as John “Plato” Crawford

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Best Supporting Actress-Natalie Wood as Judy

Best Motion Picture StoryNicholas Ray

Teens have issues and parents can’t deal.

Cool Hand Luke


Oscar Winner

George Kennedy as Dragline

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Oscar Nominations

Best ActorPaul Newman as Lucas “Cool Hand Luke” Jackson

Best Adapted ScreenplayDonn Pearce and Frank Pierson

Best Original Music ScoreLalo Schifrin

A free-spirit gets sentenced to a chain gang.

Being There


Oscar Winner

Melvyn Douglas as Benjamin Turnbull Rand

Oscar Nomination

Best ActorPeter Sellers as Chauncey Gardiner

Sellers walks on water!

Mister Roberts


Oscar Winner

Jack Lemmon as Ensign Frank Thurlowe Pulver

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Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Fred Kohlmar)

Best Sound Recording-William A. Mueller

William Powell’s last film.



Oscar Winners

Thomas Mitchell as Dr. Josiah “Doc” Boone

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Best ScoreRichard Hageman, Frank Harling, John Leipold, and Leo Shuken

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Walter Wanger)

Best Director (John Ford)

Best Art DirectionAlexander Toluboff

Best B&W CinematographyBert Glennon

Best Film EditingOtho Lovering and Dorothy Spencer

Mitchell had a huge year in 1939.  He had supporting roles in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and Scarlett O’Hara’s dad in Gone With the Wind.

Twelve o’Clock High


Oscar Winners

Dean Jagger as Major Harvey Stovall

Image result for dean jagger

Best Sound RecordingThomas T. Moulton

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Darryl F. Zanuck)

Best ActorGregory Peck as Brigadier General Frank Savage

Gregory Peck goes cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs during WWII.


The Life of Emile Zola


Oscar Winners

Joseph Schildkraut as Captain Alfred Dreyfus

Image result for joseph schildkraut oscar

Best Picture (Henry Blanke)

Best Adaptation-Heinz Herald, Geza Herczeg, and Norman Reilly Raine

Oscar Nominations

Best Director (William Dieterle)

Best ActorPaul Muni as Emile Zola

Best Original Story-Heinz Herald and Geza Herczeg

Best Scoring-Warner Bros. Sound Music Department

Best Sound RecordingNathan Levinson

Best Art DirectionAnton Grot

Best Assistant Director-Russ Saunders

February 18, 2018

I Remember Mama


Oscar Nominations

Ellen Corby and Barbara Bel Geddes as Aunt Trina and Katrin Hanson

Ellen Corby as Aunt Trina in "I Remember Mama" > > >  I also remember as a young settler in the movie "Shane".Barbara Bel Geddes

Best ActressIrene Dunne as Marta “Mama” Hanson

Best Supporting ActorOscar Homolka as Uncle Chris Halvorsen

Best B&W CinematographyNicholas Musuraca

An aspiring writer tells the story of her immigrant parents.


All This, and Heaven Too


Oscar Nominations

Barbara O’Neill as Francoise, Duchess de Praslin

Best Picture (Jack Warner, Hal B. Wallis, and David Lewis)

Best B&W Cinematography-Ernest Haller

A duke falls for his children’s governess.

A Patch of Blue


Oscar Winner

Shelley Winters as Rose-Ann D’Arcey

Shelley Winters

Oscar Nominations

Best Actress-Elizabeth Hartmann as Selina D’Arcey

Best Original ScoreJerry Goldsmith

Best B&W Art Direction-George Davis and Urie McCleary (Art Direction); Henry Grace and Charles S. Thompson (Set Decoration)

Best B&W Art DirectionRobert Burks

An abused and blind white girl falls for a black man.

Cactus Flower


Oscar Winner

Goldie Hawn as Toni Simmons

Young Goldie Hawn Side Profile... is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list 20 Pictures of Young Goldie Hawn

A dentist asks his assistant to help get rid of his latest girlfriend.



Oscar Winners

Miyoshi Umeki as Katsumi Kelly


Miyoshi Umeki poses with her Academy Award.  She is the only Asian actress to have won win Best-Supporting Actress.

Best Supporting ActorRed Buttons as Airman Joe Kelly

Best Sound RecordingGeorge Groves

Best Art Direction, ColorTed Haworth (Art Direction) and Robert Priestley (Set Decoration)

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (William Goetz)

Best Director (Joshua Logan)

Best ActorMarlon Brando as Major Lloyd “Ace” Gruver

Best Adapted Screenplay-Paul Osborn

Best CinematographyEllsworth Fredericks

Best Film EditingArthur P. Schmidt and Philip W. Anderson

Two American soldiers stationed in Japan fall for local women.

East of Eden


Oscar Winner

Jo Van Fleet as Cathy Ames/Kate Trask

Oscar Nominations

Best Director Elia Kazan

Best ActorJames Dean as Cal Trask (posthumous)

Best Screenplay-Paul Osborn

Two brothers compete for their dad’s attention and a girl.  Dean’s first major movie role.

For Whom the Bell Tolls


Oscar Winner

Katina Paxinou as Pilar

Katina Paxinou

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Sam Wood)

Best ActorGary Cooper as Robert Jordan

Best ActressIngrid Bergman as Maria

Best Supporting ActorAkim Tamiroff as Pablo

Best Music Score of a Dramatic or Comedy PictureVictor Young

Best Art Direction, ColorHans Dreier and Haldane Douglas (Art Direction); Bertram Granger (Set Decoration)

Best Color CinematographyRay Rennahan

Best Film EditingSherman Todd and John F. Link, Sr.

An American mercanary and Spanish peasants fight in the Spanish Civil War.

A Passage to India


Oscar Winner

Dame Peggy Ashcroft as Mrs. Moore

Peggy Ashcroft - A Passage to India

Best Original ScoreMaurice Jarre

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (John Brabourne and Richard B. Goodwin)

Best Director (David Lean)

Best ActressJudy Davis as Adela Quested

Best Adapted ScreenplayDavid Lean

Best Sound-Graham V. Hartstone, Nicolas Le Messurier, Michael A. Carter, and John W. Mitchell

Best Art DirectionJohn Box and Leslie Tomkins (Art Direction); Hugh Scaife (Set Decoration)

Best Costume Design-Judy Moorcroft

Best CinematographyErnest Day

Best Film EditingDavid Lean

Trouble occurs with an Indian guide and two British tourists in 1920s India.

Bonnie and Clyde


Oscar Winners

Estelle Parsons as Blanche Barrow

Estelle Parsons Picture

Best CinematographyBurnett Guffey

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Warren Beatty)

Best Director (Arthur Penn)

Best ActorWarren Beatty as Clyde Barrow

Best ActressFaye Dunaway as Bonnie Parker

Best Supporting ActorGene Hackman and Michael J. Pollard as Buck Barrow and C.W. Moss

Best Original ScreenplayDavid Newman and Robert Benton

Best Costume DesignTheadora Van Runkle

They rob banks!



Oscar Winner

Lee Grant as Felicia Karpf

Oscar Nomination

Best Supporting ActorJack Warden as Lester Karpf

Best Original ScreenplayWarren Beatty and Robert Towne

Best Art DirectionRichard Sylbert and W. Stewart Campbell (Art Direction); George Gaines (Set Decoration)

A hair dresser seduces his female clients.

February 16, 2018

The Best Original Story Oscar was given as an award until 1956, where it was combined into the Best Original Screenplay award.

Manhattan Melodrama


Oscar Nominations

Best Original Story-Arthur Caesar

7th Academy Awards® (1935) ~ Arthur Caesar ~ (1892 – 1953) won an Oscar® for Best Writing - Original Story for "Manhattan Melodrama" (1934) (Won 1 Oscar)

The movie that Dillinger saw before he was gunned down.  Also, the first of fifteen films pairing William Powell and Myrna Loy.

One Way Passage


Oscar Winner

Best Original Story-Robert Lord

He’s headed for death row and she’s dying from a bad heart.  What an idea for a love story.

A Guy Named Joe


Oscar Nominations

Best Original Story-David Boehm and Chandler Sprague

A pilot dies and becomes the guardian angel of another pilot who winds up wooing the angel’s left-behind fiancee.  Van Johnson’s breakthrough film.

My Favorite Wife


Oscar Nominations

Best Original Story-Leo McCarey, Samuel Spewack, and Bella Spewack

Image result for samuel spewack

Best Original Score-Roy Webb

Best B&W Art DirectionVan Nest Polglase and Mark-Lee Kirk

Widower declares missing wife dead and re-marries.  The first wife returns.  Oops!

Mystery Street


Oscar Nomination

Best Original Story-Leonard Spigelgass

Leonard Spigelgass Net Worth

CSI: 1950s edition.

White Heat


Oscar Nomination

Best Original Story-Virginia Kellogg


Cody Jarrett tries to make it to the top of the world.  Seriously, only ONE Oscar nod?!!

Action in the North Atlantic


Oscar Nomination

Best Original Story-Guy Gilpatric

The Merchant Marines fight in WWII.

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington


Oscar Winner

Best Original Story-Lewis R. Foster

Lewis R. Foster

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Frank Capra)

Best Director (Frank Capra)

Best ActorJames Stewart as Jefferson “Jeff” Smith

Best Supporting ActorHarry Carey and Claude Rains as President of the Senate and Senator Joseph “Joe” Harrison Paine

Best ScreenplaySidney Buchman

Best ScoreDimitri Tiomkin

Best Art Direction-Lionel Banks

Best Film Editing-Gene Havlick and Al Clark

Best Sound RecordingJohn LivadaryJohn Livadary

We need a Jeff Smith today.

The Champ


Oscar Winner

Best Original Story-Frances Marion

Frances Marion

Best ActorWallace Beery as Andy “Champ” Purcell

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (King Vidor)

Best Director (King Vidor)

Wallace Beery tied with Fredric March for the Best Actor trophy.  The only Best Actor tie to date.

A Star is Born


Oscar Winner

Best Original Story-William A. Wellman and Robert Carson

William Wellman

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (David O. Selznick)

Best Director (William Wellman)

Best ActorFredric March as Norman Maine

Best ActressJanet Gaynor as Esther Blodgett/Vicki Lester

Best AdaptationAlan Campbell, Robert Carson, and Dorothy Parker

Best Assistant Director-Eric G. Stacey

An actress’ career explodes while her husband/mentor’s fades.

Boys Town


Oscar Winner

Best Original Story-Eleanore Griffin and Dore Schary

 Dore Schary

Best ActorSpencer Tracy as Father Edward Flanagan

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (John W. Considine, Jr.)

Best Director (Norman Taurog)

Best Screenplay-John Meehan and Dore Schary

A priest opens a orphanage for wayward boys.  Still in operation today.

Vacation From Marriage


Oscar Winner

Best Original Story-Clemence Dane

Clemence Dane 01.jpg

An unhappily married couple find themselves reenergized by WWII and flings with others.

February 14, 2018

The Best Original Screenplay Oscar was first given out in 1940 as a separate writing award from the Best Original Story Oscar (which select films will air on Day 16).  In 1957, the Story and Screenplay awards were combined to honor only the screenplay.

Interrupted Melody


Oscar Winner

Best Story and ScreenplayWilliam Ludwig and Sonya Levin

Oscar Nomination

Best ActressEleanor Parker as Marjorie Lawrence

Best Costume Design, ColorHelen Rose

The true story of opera star Marjorie Lawrence who career was cut short by polio, then she makes a comeback.

The Naked Spur


Oscar Nomination

Best Screenplay-Sam Rolfe and Harold Jack Bloom

An embittered bounty hunter is the victim of mind games by the man who he has captured.

It’s Always Fair Weather


Oscar Nominations

Best Story and Screenplay-Betty Comden and Adolph Green

Best Scoring of a Musical PictureAndre Previn

This movie was first pitched as a sequel to On the Town.



Oscar Winner

Best Screenplay-Charles Brackett, Walter Reisch, and Richard Breen

Oscar Nomination

Best B&W Art DirectionLyle Wheeler and Maurice Ransford (Art Direction); Stuart Reiss (Set Decoration)

NOT the Leo/Kate movie!

Designing Woman


Oscar Winner

Best Original Screenplay-George Wells

A sportswriter and a fashion designer impulsively marry after a whirlwind romance.

The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer


Oscar Winner

Best Original Screenplay-Sidney Sheldon

An artist is ordered to date a judge’s teenage sister in order to get rid of her crush on him.

Woman of the Year


Oscar Winner

Best Original Screenplay-Ring Lardner, Jr. and Michael Kanin

Oscar Nomination

Best ActressKatharine Hepburn as Tess Harding Craig

The movie where Kate met Spence.

Splendor in the Grass


Oscar Winner

Best Story and Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen-William Inge

Oscar Nomination

Best ActressNatalie Wood as Wilma Dean “Deanie” Loomis

A lesson to be learned-sexual repression: BAD.

Pillow Talk


Oscar Winner

Best Story and Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen-Russell Rouse, Clarence Greene, Stanley Shapiro, and Maurice Richlin

Oscar Nominations

Best Actress-Doris Day as Jan Morrow

Best Supporting ActressThelma Ritter as Alma

Best Music Score of a Dramatic or Comedy PictureFrank DeVol

Best Art Direction, Color-Richard H. Riedel (posthumous-Art Direction); Russell A. Gausman and Ruby R. Levitt (Set Decoration)

The first of the Doris Day-Rock Hudson comedies.  Would you believe that this was Day’s only Oscar nomination?!

The Candidate


Oscar Winner

Best Screenplay Based on Factual Material or Material Not Previously Produced or Published-Jeremy Larner

Oscar Nomination

Best SoundGene Cantamessa and Richard Portman

Why can’t they say Best Original Screenplay?!

The Producers


Oscar Winner

Best Story and Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen-Mel Brooks

Oscar Nomination

Best Supporting ActorGene Wilder as Leo Bloom

A failing producer and an accountant plot to buy and produce a guaranteed flop, then pocket all the investor’s money.  Then play becomes a hit.

Citizen Kane


Oscar Winner

Best Original Screenplay-Herman J. Mankiewicz and Orson Welles

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Orson Welles)

Best Director (Orson Welles)

Best ActorOrson Welles as Charles Foster Kane

Best Music Score of a Dramatic PictureBernard Hermann

Best Sound Recording-John Aalberg

Best B&W Art Direction-Perry Ferguson and Van Nest Polgase (Art Direction); Al Fields and Darrell Silvera

Best B&W CinematographyGregg Toland

Best Film EditingRobert Wise

There’s a bit of controversy whether Welles did any work on the screenplay.  He later confessed that he was forced to put his name on the screenplay


February 14, 2018

The Best Adapted Screenplay award has had many different names over the years, including Best Screenplay, Best Writing, Best Writing-Adaptation, Best Screenplay-Based on Another Medium.  Why couldn’t they just call it Best Adapted Screenplay and be done with it?

The first woman to win in this category was Frances Marion, all the way back in 1930.

Random Harvest


Oscar Nominations

Best Screenplay-George Froeschel, Claudine West, and Arthur Wimperis, based on the novel by James Hilton

Best Picture (Sidney Franklin)

Best Director (Mervyn LeRoy)

Best ActorRonald Colman as Charles Rainier

Best Supporting ActressSusan Peters as Kitty Chilcet

Best Music Score of a Dramatic or Comedy PictureHerbert Stohart

Best B&W Art DirectionCedric Gibbons and Randall Duell (Art Direction); Edwin B. Willis and Jack Moore

Amnesiac WWI vet finds love, marries, and starts a family.  Vet is hit by a car and regains his past memories, but forgets his amnesia memories, including his wife and newborn son.  Better than it sounds.

Great Expectations


Oscar Winners

Best B&W Art DirectionJohn Bryan (Art Direction) and Wilfred Shingleton (Set Decoration)

Best B&W CinematographyGuy Green

Oscar Nominations

Best Screenplay-David Lean, Ronald Neame, and Anthony Havelock-Allan from Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

Best Director (David Lean)

The best-known adaptation of Dickens’ classic.

Brief Encounter


Oscar  Nominations

Best Screenplay-Anthony Havelock-Allan, David Lean, and Ronald Neame from Still Life by Noel Coward

Best Director (David Lean)

Best ActressCelia Johnson as Laura Jesson

Two married people fall in love.



Oscar Winner

Best Dramatic or Comedy Score-Bronislau Kaper (I love that name!)

Oscar Nominations

Best Story and ScreenplayHelen Deutsch from “Love of the Seven Dolls” by Paul Gallico

Best Director (Charles Walters)

Best ActressLeslie Caron as Lili Daurier

Best Art Direction, ColorCedric Gibbons and Paul Groesse (Art Direction); Edwin B. Willis and Arthur Krams (Set Decoration)

Best Color CinematographyRobert Planck

An orphan joins the circus and talks to puppets.

Here Comes Mr. Jordan


Oscar  Winner

Best Screenplay-Sidney Buchman and Seton I. Miller, based on the play Heaven Can Wait by Harry Segall

Best Original StoryHarry Segall

Oscar Nominations

Best  Picture (Everett Riskin)

Best Director (Alexander Hall)

Best ActorRobert Montgomery as Joe Pendleton

Best Supporting ActorJames Gleason as Max “Pop” Corkle

Best B&W Cinematography-Joseph Walker

An angel makes a big mistake when he takes a boxer 50 years before he supposed to die.

Meet Me in St. Louis


Oscar Nominations

Best Screenplay-Irving Brecher and Fred F. Finklehoffe based on the novel by Sally Benson

Best Scoring of a Musical Picture-Georgie Stoll

Best Song-“The Trolley Song” by Ralph Blane and Hugh Martin

Best Color CinematographyGeorge J. Folsey

This is where “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” came from.

Wuthering Heights


Oscar Winner

Best B&W CinematographyGregg Toland

Oscar Nominations

Best Screenplay-Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur, based on the novel by Emily Bronte

Best Picture (Samuel Goldwyn)

Best Director (William Wyler)

Best ActorSir Laurence Olivier as Heathcliff

Best Supporting ActressGeraldine Fitzgerald as Isabella Linton

Best Original ScoreAlfred Newman

Best Art Direction-James Basevi

Fun fact: Laurence Olivier and Merle Oberson DID NOT LIKE EACH OTHER.



Oscar Winners

Best Adapted Screenplay-Alan Jay Lerner, from Gigi by ColetteColette

Best Picture (Arthur Freed)

Best Director (Vincente Minnelli)

Best Musical ScoreAndre Previn

Best Song-“Gigi” by Frederick Loewe (music) and Alan Jay Lerner (lyrics)

Best Art Direction-William A. Horning (posthumous) and Preston Ames (Art Direction); Henry Grace and Keough Gleason (Set Decoration)

Best Costume DesignCecil Beaton

Best Color CinematographyJoseph Ruttenberg

Best Film EditingAdrienne Fazan

A young is groomed to be a courtesan.

Little Women


Oscar Winner

Best Adaptation-Victor Heerman and Sarah Y. Mason, based on the novel by Louisa May Alcott

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Merian C. Cooper and Kenneth MacGowan)

Best Director (George Cukor)

Katharine Hepburn would later say that no role ever suited her better.

Doctor Zhivago


Oscar Winners

Best Adapted Screenplay-Robert Bolt, from the novel Doctor Zhivago by Boris Pasternak

Best Original ScoreMaurice Jarre

Best Art Direction, Color-John Box and Terence Marsh (Art Direction); Dario Simoni (Set Decoration)

Best Color Cinematography-Freddie Young

Best Costume Design, Color-Phyllis Dalton

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Carlo Ponti)

Best Director (David Lean)

Best Supporting ActorTom Courtenay as Pavel ‘Pasha” Anipov

Best Sound-A.W. Watkins and Franklin Milton

Best Film Editing-Norman Savage

A love story set during the Russian Revolution

Tom Jones


Oscar Winners

Best Screenplay Based on Material from Another Medium-John Osborne, based on the novel The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling by Henry Fielding

Best Picture (Tony Richardson)

Best Director (Tony Richardson)

Best Music Score, Substantially OriginalJohn Addison


Oscar Nominations

Best ActorAlbert Finney as Tom Jones

Best Supporting ActorHugh Griffith as Squire Western

Best Supporting ActressDiane Cilento, Edith Evans, and Joyce Redman  as Molly Seagrim, Miss Western, and Mrs. Waters/Jenny Jones

Best Art Direction, Color-Ralph Brinton,  Ted Marshall, and Jocelyn Herbert (Art Direction); Josie MacAvin (Set Decoration)

A naughty young man gets himself in a lot of trouble with women.

February 13, 2018

Between 1947 and 1955, the Academy gave out special awards to foreign language films released in the United States.  The category was created in 1956 with La Strada winning.  Unlike other Oscars, the Best Foreign Language Film is not presented to a specific person, but to the country as a whole.  In 2014, the Academy changed the rules so that director of the film gets to keep the statuette.  France leads the packs with 39 nominations, but Italy has the most wins with 14.

My Night at Maud’s


Oscar Nominations

Best Foreign Language Film (France)

Best Original ScreenplayEric Rohmer

Four single people meet and talk a lot about issues.

Immortal Love


Oscar Nominee

Best Foreign Language Film (Japan)

A woman is forced into a marriage with a man she does not love.  Years later, her child and the man she wanted to marry child fall in love.

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow


Oscar Winner

Best Foreign Language Film (Italy)

A movie which has three separate stores, but most people only remember Sophia Loren strips in this movie.



Oscar Nominee

Best Foreign Language Film (Italy)

A Jewish girl fights to stay alive in a concentration camp.

The Umbrellas of Cherbourg


Oscar Nominations

Best Foreign Language Film (France)

Best Original ScreenplayJacques Demy

Best Original Song“I Will Wait for You” by Michel Legrand (music) and Jacques Demy (lyrics)

Best Original Score-Michel Legrand and Jacques Demy

Best Adaptation or Treatment ScoreMichel Legrand

This film was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film in 1965 and the other four nominations were awarded the following year.

Day for Night


Oscar Winner

Best Foreign Language Film (France)

Oscar Nominations

Best Director (Francois Truffaut)

Best Supporting ActressValentina Cortese as Severine

Best Original ScreenplayFrancois Truffaut, Suzanne Schiffman, and Jean-Louis Richard

Truffaut’s film about making a film.

Babette’s Feast


Oscar Winner

Best Foreign Language Film (Denmark)

One of Pope Francis’ favorite films.

La Strada


Oscar Winner

Best Foreign Language Film (Italy)

Oscar Nomination

Best Original ScreenplayFrederico Fellini, Tullio Pinelli, and Ennio Flaiano

Another favorite of Pope Francis.

Mon Oncle


Oscar Winner

Best Foreign Language Film (France)

A simple man discovers modernity at his nephew’s home.

Antonia’s Line


Oscar Winner

Best Foreign Language Film (Netherlands)

A woman returns to her childhood home.

Black Orpheus


Oscar Winner

Best Foreign Language Film (France)

The Orpheus myth set at Carnival!

Dersu Uzala


Oscar Winner

Best Foreign Language Film (Soviet Union)

A non-Japanese film by Akira Kurosawa.

February 12, 2018

The Informer


Oscar Winner

Best Director (John Ford)

Best Actor-Victor McLaglen as “Gypo” Nolan

Best AdaptationDudley Nichols (who refused!)

Best Scoring-RKO Studio Music Department

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Cliff Reid)

Best Film Editing-George Hively

The first of John Ford’s 4 Best Director Oscars.  It has yet to be topped.  Number two, The Grapes of Wrath aired the night before.

You Can’t Take it With You


Oscar Winners

Best Director (Frank Capra)

Best Picture (Frank Capra)

Oscar Nominations

Best Supporting ActressSpring Byington as Penelope “Penny” Sycamore

Best ScreenplayRobert Riskin

Best Sound Recording-John Livadary

Best CinematographyJoseph Walker

Best Film Editing-Gene Havlick

A banker’s son becomes engaged to the daughter of a free-spirited family.

The Front Page


Oscar Nominations

Best Director (Lewis Milestone)

Best Picture (Howard Hughes)

Best ActorAdolphe Menjou as Walter Burns

The first adaptation of Ben Hecht’s and Charles MacArthur’s play.



Oscar Winner

Best Art DirectionRichard Day

Oscar Nominations

Best Director (William Wyler)

Best Picture (Samuel Goldwyn and Merritt Hulbert)

Best ActorWalter Huston as Samuel Dodsworth

Best Supporting ActressMaria Ouspenskaya as Baroness Von Obersdorf

Best AdaptationSidney Howard

Best Sound RecordingThomas T. Moulton

A retired auto executive and his wife travel around Europe where cracks in their marriage begin to show.

David and Lisa


Oscar Nominations

Best Director (Frank Perry)

Best Adapted Screenplay-Eleanor Perry

Two mentally ill teens form a bond.

The Southerner


Oscar Nominations

Best Director (Jean Renoir)

Best Music Score of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture-Werner Janssen

Best Sound Recording -Jack Whitney

A sharecropper tries to start his own farm.

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?


Oscar Winners

Best ActressElizabeth Taylor as Martha

Best Supporting ActressSandy Dennis as Honey

Best B&W Art DirectionRichard Sylbert (Art Direction); George James Hopkins (Set Decoration)

Best B&W CinematographyHaskell Wexler

Best B&W Costume DesignIrene Sharaff

Oscar Nominations

Best Director (Mike Nichols)

Best Picture (Ernest Lehman)

Best ActorRichard Burton as George

Best Supporting ActorGeorge Segal as Nick

Best Adapted ScreenplayErnest Lehman

Best Original Music ScoreAlex North

Best SoundGeorge Groves

Best Film EditingSam O’Steen

Watch Liz and Dick tear each other apart!



Oscar Winners

Best Director (Bob Fosse)

Best ActressLiza Minnelli as Sally Bowles

Best Supporting ActressJoel GreyJoel Grey as the M.C.

Best Score (Adaptation or Original Song)Ralph Burns

Best Sound-David Hildyard and Robert Knudson

Best Art Direction-Jurgen Kiebach and Rolf Zehetbauer (Art Direction); Herbert Strabel (Set Decoration)

Best CinematographyGeoffrey Unworth

Best Film Editing-David Bretheron

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Cy Feuer)

Best Adapted ScreenplayJay Presson Allen

Holds the record for most wins without winning Best Picture at eight awards.



Oscar Winner

Best Director (George Stevens)

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (George Stevens and Henry Ginsberg)

Best ActorRock Hudson as Jordan “Bick” Benedict and James DeanJames Dean as Jett Rink (posthumous)

Best Supporting ActressMercedes McCambridge as Luz Benedict

Best Adapted ScreenplayIvan Moffat and Fred Guiol

Best Dramatic or Comedy StoreDimitri Tiomkin

Best Art Direction, ColorBoris Leven (Art Direction); Ralph S. Hurst (Set Decoration)

Best Costume Design, ColorMoss Mabry and Marjorie Best

Best Film EditingWilliam Hornbeck, Phillip W. Anderson, and Fred Bohanan

The saga of a family of ranchers.

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre


Oscar Winners

Best Director (John Huston)

Best Supporting ActorWalter Huston as Howard

Best Adapted ScreenplayJohn Huston

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Henry Blanke)

The first father/son Oscar win.

The Divine Lady


Oscar Winner

Best Director (Frank Lloyd)

Oscar Nominations

Best ActressCorinne Griffith as Emma Hart

Best CinematographyJohn F. Seitz

Married Lady Hamilton has an affair with Captain Nelson.