February 19, 2018

The Westerner


Oscar Winner

Walter Brennan as Judge Roy Bean

Oscar Nominations

Best Original Story-Stuart N. Lake

Best B&W Art DirectionJames Basevi

Brennan won his 3rd Oscar in the 5th year of the Supporting Actor award!



Oscar Nominations

Robert Ryan as Montgomery

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Best Picture (Adrian Scott)

Best Director (Edward Dmytryk)

Best Supporting ActressGloria Grahame as Ginny Tremaine

Best Screenplay-John Paxton

Police and the Army investigate the murder of a Jewish man.

Johnny Eager


Oscar Winner

Van Heflin as Jeff Harnett

A gangster seduces and attempts to blackmail a DA’s daughter.



Oscar Nominations

Roland Young as Cosmo Topper

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Best Sound RecordingElmer A. Raguse

A hard-partying married couple is killed in a car accident and haunt a bank president.

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn


Oscar Winner

James Dunn as Johnny Nolan

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Oscar Nomination

Best ScreenplayFrank Davis and Tess Slesinger (posthumous)

Actress Peggy Ann Garner won a special Juvenile award for her role as Francine Nolan.

Rebel Without a Cause


Oscar Nominations

Sal Mineo as John “Plato” Crawford

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Best Supporting Actress-Natalie Wood as Judy

Best Motion Picture StoryNicholas Ray

Teens have issues and parents can’t deal.

Cool Hand Luke


Oscar Winner

George Kennedy as Dragline

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Oscar Nominations

Best ActorPaul Newman as Lucas “Cool Hand Luke” Jackson

Best Adapted ScreenplayDonn Pearce and Frank Pierson

Best Original Music ScoreLalo Schifrin

A free-spirit gets sentenced to a chain gang.

Being There


Oscar Winner

Melvyn Douglas as Benjamin Turnbull Rand

Oscar Nomination

Best ActorPeter Sellers as Chauncey Gardiner

Sellers walks on water!

Mister Roberts


Oscar Winner

Jack Lemmon as Ensign Frank Thurlowe Pulver

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Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Fred Kohlmar)

Best Sound Recording-William A. Mueller

William Powell’s last film.



Oscar Winners

Thomas Mitchell as Dr. Josiah “Doc” Boone

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Best ScoreRichard Hageman, Frank Harling, John Leipold, and Leo Shuken

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Walter Wanger)

Best Director (John Ford)

Best Art DirectionAlexander Toluboff

Best B&W CinematographyBert Glennon

Best Film EditingOtho Lovering and Dorothy Spencer

Mitchell had a huge year in 1939.  He had supporting roles in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and Scarlett O’Hara’s dad in Gone With the Wind.

Twelve o’Clock High


Oscar Winners

Dean Jagger as Major Harvey Stovall

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Best Sound RecordingThomas T. Moulton

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Darryl F. Zanuck)

Best ActorGregory Peck as Brigadier General Frank Savage

Gregory Peck goes cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs during WWII.


The Life of Emile Zola


Oscar Winners

Joseph Schildkraut as Captain Alfred Dreyfus

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Best Picture (Henry Blanke)

Best Adaptation-Heinz Herald, Geza Herczeg, and Norman Reilly Raine

Oscar Nominations

Best Director (William Dieterle)

Best ActorPaul Muni as Emile Zola

Best Original Story-Heinz Herald and Geza Herczeg

Best Scoring-Warner Bros. Sound Music Department

Best Sound RecordingNathan Levinson

Best Art DirectionAnton Grot

Best Assistant Director-Russ Saunders


February 5, 2018

Oh, I am behind.

Million Dollar Mermaid (1952-8am/7am c)

Oscar Nomination

Color Cinematography-George J. Folsey

A biography of swimmer Annette Kellerman who caused a stir by wearing a one-piece bathing suit.

The Thief of Bagdad (1940-10am/9am c)

Oscar Winners

Color Cinematography-Georges Perinal

Best Art Direction, ColorVincent Korda

Best Special EffectsLawrence W. Butler and Jack Whitney


Oscar Nomination

Best Original ScoreMiklos Rozsa

Somebody Up There Likes Me

(1956-noon/11am c)

Oscar Winners

B&W Cinematography-Joseph Ruttenberg

Best Art Direction, B&WCedric Gibbons (Art Direction) and Malcolm F. Brown (Art Direction); Edwin B. Willis (Set Decoration) and F. Keogh Gleason (Set Decoration)

Oscar Nomination

Best Film EditingAlbert Akst

A biography of boxer Rocky Graziano.  Paul Newman inherited the role after the death of James Dean.

Ice Station Zebra (1968-2:15pm/1:15pm c)

Oscar Nominations

Best Cinematography-Daniel L. Fapp

Best Special Visual Effects-Hal Milar and J. McMillian Johnson

Spies and submarines.  I wonder why Howard Hughes watched this over 100 times.

The Great Race (1965-5pm/4pm c)

Oscar Winners

Best Sound Effects-Treg Brown

Oscar Nominations

Best Color Cinematography-Russell Harlan

Best SoundGeorge Groves

Best Film Editing-Ralph E. Winters

Best Song-“The Sweetheart Tree” by Henry Mancini (music) and Johnny Mercer (lyrics)

A romp around the world with the largest pie fight ever.

Black Narcissus (1947-8pm/7pm c)

Oscar Winner

Best Color Cinematography-Jack Cardiff

Best Art Direction, Color-Alfred Junge (Art Direction and Set Decoration)

A movie about the sexual thoughts of nuns.   It’s better than it sounds.  This shot still scares me.

Zorba the Greek (1964-10pm/9pm c)

Oscar Winners

Best B&W Cinematography-Walter Lassally

Best Supporting ActressLila Kedrova as Madame Hortense

Best Art Direction, B&W-Vassilis Fotopoulos

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Michael Cacoyannis)

Best Director (Michael Cacoyannis)

Best ActorAnthony Quinn as Alexis Zorba

Best Adapted ScreenplayMichael Cacoyannis

A writer is befriended by a larger-than-life Greek laborer.

The Song of Bernadette

(1943-12:30am/11:30pm c)

Oscar Winners

Best B&W Cinematography-Arthur C. Miller

Best ActressJennifer Jones as St. Bernadette Soubirous

Best Music Score of a Dramatic or Comedy PictureAlfred Newman

Best Art Direction, B&WJames Basevi (Art Direction) and  William S. Darling (Art Direction); Thomas Little (Set Decoration)

Oscar Nominations

Best  Picture (William Perlberg)

Best Director (Henry King)

Best Supporting ActorCharles Bickford as Abbe Dominique Peyramale

Best Supporting ActressGladys Cooper as Marie Therese Vazou and Anne Revere as Louise Casterot Soubirous

Best ScreenplayGeorge Seaton

Best Sound Recording-E.H. Hansen

Best Film EditingBarbara McLean

The story of a peasant girl who saw the Virgin Mary in Lourdes, France.

The Naked City (1948-3:15am/2:15am c)

Oscar Winners

B&W Cinematography-William H. Daniels

Best Film EditingPaul Weatherwax

Oscar Nomination

Best Motion Picture StoryMalvin Wald

Two detectives chase a murderer around New York City.

A Farewell to Arms (1932-5am/4am c)

Oscar Winners

Best Cinematography-Charles Bryant Lang, Jr.

Best Sound RecordingFranklin Hansen

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Adolph Zukor)

Best Art DirectionHans Dreier and Roland Anderson

Ernest Hemingway didn’t like the adaptation of this film, but he became buds with Gary Cooper.

May 1, 2017

Star of the Month: Clark Gable (Tuesdays in May)

TCM salutes the King of Hollywood with 57 films and 39 of them featuring his mustache!

Mariah’s Picks

It Happened One Night (1934)-Clark Gable takes off his shirt and sales of undershirts plummet.  Oh, he also won a Best Actor Oscar.  May 2 at 8 pm/7c.

Mutiny on the Bounty (1935)-one of Gable’s films where he doesn’t have a mustache.  May 2 at 11:30 pm/10:30c.

Dance, Fools, Dance (1931)-Gable and Joan Crawford star in the first of their eight films together.  They also started an on-again-off-again affair that nearly burned down Hollywood. May 9 at 11:30pm/10:30c.

Idiot’s Delight (1939)-Gable sings and dances!  May 10 at 11:45 am/10:45c.

Gone with the Wind (1939)-the public’s only choice for the role of Rhett Butler.  May 23 at 8pm/7c.

The Misfits (1961)-Gable and Marilyn Monroe’s final film.  May 30 at 12:15 am/11:15 pm c.

TCM Spotlight: Creature Features (Thursdays in May)

TCM pays homage to the creatures that gave us nightmares with 24 films, 5 of them are TCM premieres.

Mariah’s Picks

King Kong (1933)-the first Kong is always the best Kong. May 4 at 11:15 pm/10:15c.

Them! (1954)-giant ants attack in New Mexico!  May 18 at 8pm/7c.

Gojira aka Godzilla (1954)-the film that started it all. May 18 at 9:45pm/8:45c.

Happy 50th Anniversary: 1967 (May 12 and May 19)

TCM celebrates one of the most important years in film history with 11 films airing on two consecutive Friday nights.

Mariah’s Picks

The Graduate-would you believe they tried to get Doris Day to play Mrs. Robinson?! May 12 at 8pm/7c.

In the Heat of the Night-Rod Stieger and Sidney Poitier try to solve a murder in Mississippi. May 12 at 10pm/9c.

Cool Hand Luke-Paul Newman eats a ton of eggs. May 19 at 8pm/7c.

Wait Until Dark-this is why Alan Arkin didn’t win any awards. You don’t terrorize Audrey Hepburn, especially a blind Audrey Hepburn. May 20 at 4am/3c.

Mother’s Day (May 14)