Test Pilot


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Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Louis D. Lighton)

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Best Original StoryFrank Wead

Best Film Editing-Tom Held

Pilots Gable and Tracy love Myrna Loy.

The Magnificent Ambersons


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Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Orson Welles)

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Best Supporting ActressAgnes Moorehead as Fanny

Best B&W Art DirectionAlbert S. D’Agostino (Art Direction); Al Fields and Darrell Silvera (Set Decoration)

Best B&W CinematographyStanley Cortez

The ending was directed by editor Robert Wise.  Welles was in Brazil filming a documentary.  Nearly 50 minutes were cut from the film and Wise was told to make a happy ending.

The Lives of a Bengal Lancer


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Oscar Winner

Best Assistant Director-Clem Beauchamp and Paul Wing

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Louis D. Lighton)

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Best Director (Henry Hathaway)

Best AdaptationAchmed Abdullah, John L Balderston, Waldemar Young, Grover Jones, and William Slavens McNutt

Best Sound RecordingFranklin B. Hansen

Best Art DirectionHans Dreier and Roland Anderson

Best Film Editing-Ellsworth Hoagland

Wait, Gary Cooper plays a Brit?!  All right, I looked it up, he plays a Canadian.

The Talk of the Town


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Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (George Stevens)

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Best Original Motion Picture Story-Sidney Harmon

Best ScreenplaySidney Buchman and Irwin Shaw

Best Music Score of a Dramatic or Comedy PictureFrederick Hollander and Morris Stoloff

Best B&W Art Direction-Lionel Banks and Rudolph Sternad (Art Direction); Fay Babcock (Set Decoration)

Best B&W CinematographyTed Tetzlaff

Best Film Editing-Otto Meyer

Fugitive Cary Grant and professor Ronald Colman fight over schoolteacher Jean Arthur.

Libeled Lady


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Oscar Nomination

Best Picture (Lawrence Weingarten)

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This special award to Weingarten was the only time Katharine Hepburn attended the Oscars.

Dark Victory


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Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (David Lewis)

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Best ActressBette Davis as Judith Traherne

Best Original ScoreMax Steiner

Bette Davis beautifully dies of a brain tumor.

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof


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Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Lawrence Weingarten)

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Best Director (Richard Brooks)

Best ActorPaul Newman as Brick Pollitt

Best ActressElizabeth Taylor as Margaret “Maggie The Cat” Pollitt

Best Adapted ScreenplayRichard Brooks and James Poe

Best Color CinematographyWilliam Daniels

Tennessee Williams DID NOT like this adaptation of his play.

The Best Years of Our Lives


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Oscar Winners

Best Picture (Samuel Goldwyn)

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Best Director (William Wyler)

Best ActorFredric March as Platoon Sgt. Al Stephenson

Best Supporting Actor-Harold Russell as Petty Officer 2nd Class Homer Parrish

Best ScreenplayRobert E. Sherwood

Best Music Score of a Dramatic or Comedy PictureHugo Friedhofer

Best Film EditingDaniel Mandell

Oscar Nomination

Best Sound Recording-Gordon E. Sawyer

Three WWII veterans from different walks of life return to their hometown and find the city, their loved ones, and themselves changed.

Mrs. Miniver


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Oscar Winners

Best Picture (Sidney Franklin)

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Best Director (William Wyler)

Best ActressGreer Garson as Kay Miniver

Best Supporting ActressTeresa Wright as Carol Beldon Miniver

Best Screenplay-George Froeschel, James Hilton, Claudine West, and Arthur Wimperis

Best B&W CinematographyJoseph Ruttenberg

Oscar Nominations

Best ActorWalter Pidgeon as Clem Miniver

Best Supporting ActorHenry Travers as Mr. Ballard

Best Supporting ActressDame May Whitty as Lady Beldon

Best Sound RecordingDouglas Shearer

Best Film Editing-Harold F. Kress

Greer Garson had one of the longest Oscar speeches in history at nearly six minutes.

Grand Hotel


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Oscar Winner

Best Picture (Irving Thalberg)

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The first all-star film.

It Happened One Night


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Oscar Winners

Best Picture (Frank Capra and Harry Cohn)

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Best Director (Frank Capra)

Best ActorClark Gable as Peter Warne

Best ActressClaudette Colbert as Ellen “Ellie” Andrews

Best AdaptationRobert Riskin

The first film to win the Big 5 (Picture, Director, Actor, Actress, and Screenplay).  It has been repeated only twice in 1975 and 1991.

42nd Street


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Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Darryl F. Zanuck)

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Best Sound RecordingNathan Levinson

Watch how a Broadway musical goes from conception to reality.



We are in the final week of the 31 Days of Oscar festival.  For the rest of the series, all the films will be Best Picture nominees or winners.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream


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Oscar Winners

Best CinematographyHal Mohr

Best Film EditingRalph Dawson

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Henry Blanke)

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Best Assistant Director-Sherry Shourds

The movie where James Cagney wears a donkey head.

The Maltese Falcon


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Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Hal B. Wallis)

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Best Supporting ActorSydney Greenstreet as Kasper Gutman

Best ScreenplayJohn Huston

Bogie and others look for a jewel-encrusted bird.  Huston’s directorial debut.

Top Hat


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Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Pandro S. Berman)

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Best Song“Cheek to Cheek” by Irving Berlin

Best Art DirectionCarroll Clark and Van Nest Polgase

Best Dance DirectionHermes Pan

Who cares what the plot is about!  Fred and Ginger dance!

The Thin Man


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Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Hunt Stromberg)

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Best Director (W.S. Van Dyke)

Best ActorWilliam Powell as Nick Charles

Best AdaptationFrances Goodrich and Albert Hackett

Nick and Nora drink martinis and solve mysteries!  Shot in 16 days.



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Oscar Winner

Best ActressIngrid Bergman as Paula Alquist Anton

Best B&W Art DirectionCedric Gibbons and William Ferrari (Art Direction); Paul Huldschinsky and Edwin B. Willis (Set Decoration)

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Arthur Hornblow, Jr.)

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Best ActorCharles Boyer as Gregory Anton

Best Supporting ActressAngela Lansbury as Nancy Oliver

Best ScreenplayJohn L. Balderston, Walter Reisch, and John Van Druten

Best B&W CinematographyJoseph Ruttenberg

Angela Lansbury’s film debut.

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers


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Oscar Winner

Best Scoring of a Musical PictureAdolph Deutsch and Saul Chaplin

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Jack Cummings)

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Best Story and ScreenplayAlbert Hackett, Frances Goodrich, and Dorothy Kingsley

Best Cinematography, ColorGeorge J. Folsey

Best Film EditingRalph E. Winters

A musical about kidnapping!



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Oscar Winners

Best Art Direction, Color-William Flannery and Jo Mielziner (Art Direction); Robert Priestley (Set Decoration)

Best Film Editing-Charles Nelson and William A. Lyon

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Fred Kohlmar)

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Best Director (Joshua Logan)

Best Supporting ActorArthur O’Connell as Howard Bevans

Best Music Score of a Dramatic or Comedy PictureGeorge Duning

Watch 37-year-old William Holden play someone at least ten years younger.

Mutiny on the Bounty


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Oscar Winner

Best Picture (Irving Thalberg and Frank Lloyd)

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Oscar Nominations

Best Director (Frank Lloyd)

Best ActorClark Gable, Charles Laughton, and Franchot Tone as Fletcher Christian, Captain Bligh, and Byam

Best AdaptationJules Furthman, Talbot Jennings, and Carey Wilson

Best Scoring-MGM Studio Music Department

Best Film EditingMargaret Booth

Gable had to shave off his famous mustache for this role.

All Quiet on the Western Front


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Oscar Winners

Best Picture (Carl Laemmle, Jr.)

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Best Director (Lewis Milestone)

Oscar Nominations

Best WritingGeorge Abbott, Maxwell Anderson, and Del Andrews

Best CinematographyArthur Edeson

War is hell.



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Oscar Winners

Best Picture (Lucien Hubbard)

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Best Engineering EffectsRoy Pomeroy



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Oscar Winners

Best Picture (William LeBaron)

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Best AdaptationHoward Estabrook

Best Art DirectionMax Ree

Oscar Nominations

Best Director (Wesley Ruggles)

Best ActorRichard Dix as Yancey Cravat

Best ActressIrene Dunne as Sabra

Best CinematographyEdward Cronjager

Dunne’s first Oscar nomination.


Star of the Month: Clark Gable (Tuesdays in May)

TCM salutes the King of Hollywood with 57 films and 39 of them featuring his mustache!

Mariah’s Picks

It Happened One Night (1934)-Clark Gable takes off his shirt and sales of undershirts plummet.  Oh, he also won a Best Actor Oscar.  May 2 at 8 pm/7c.

Mutiny on the Bounty (1935)-one of Gable’s films where he doesn’t have a mustache.  May 2 at 11:30 pm/10:30c.

Dance, Fools, Dance (1931)-Gable and Joan Crawford star in the first of their eight films together.  They also started an on-again-off-again affair that nearly burned down Hollywood. May 9 at 11:30pm/10:30c.

Idiot’s Delight (1939)-Gable sings and dances!  May 10 at 11:45 am/10:45c.

Gone with the Wind (1939)-the public’s only choice for the role of Rhett Butler.  May 23 at 8pm/7c.

The Misfits (1961)-Gable and Marilyn Monroe’s final film.  May 30 at 12:15 am/11:15 pm c.

TCM Spotlight: Creature Features (Thursdays in May)

TCM pays homage to the creatures that gave us nightmares with 24 films, 5 of them are TCM premieres.

Mariah’s Picks

King Kong (1933)-the first Kong is always the best Kong. May 4 at 11:15 pm/10:15c.

Them! (1954)-giant ants attack in New Mexico!  May 18 at 8pm/7c.

Gojira aka Godzilla (1954)-the film that started it all. May 18 at 9:45pm/8:45c.

Happy 50th Anniversary: 1967 (May 12 and May 19)

TCM celebrates one of the most important years in film history with 11 films airing on two consecutive Friday nights.

Mariah’s Picks

The Graduate-would you believe they tried to get Doris Day to play Mrs. Robinson?! May 12 at 8pm/7c.

In the Heat of the Night-Rod Stieger and Sidney Poitier try to solve a murder in Mississippi. May 12 at 10pm/9c.

Cool Hand Luke-Paul Newman eats a ton of eggs. May 19 at 8pm/7c.

Wait Until Dark-this is why Alan Arkin didn’t win any awards. You don’t terrorize Audrey Hepburn, especially a blind Audrey Hepburn. May 20 at 4am/3c.

Mother’s Day (May 14)




TCM airs 13 films and 1 documentary of the blonde bombshell.  Here’s the picks!

Saratoga (1937)


Harlow’s last film.  She died during production.  Her remaining scenes were completed by a double.

Libeled Lady (1936)


A hilarious comedy featuring one of the 14 films co-starring William Powell and Myrna Loy.  Editor Spencer Tracy publishes a false article on heiress Loy, leading her to sue his paper for libel.  Tracy uses fiancee Harlow and former reporter Powell to get out of the suit.

Red Dust (1932)


Harlow plays a prostitute in Malaysia involved in a love triangle with planter Clark Gable and married woman Mary Astor.

Red Headed Woman (1932)


Harlow plays an amoral woman who seduces married man after married man.  She also likes S&M.