Heading into the homestretch…

The Crowd


Image result for the crowd 1928

Oscar Nominations

Best Unique and Artistic Production (Irving Thalberg)

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Best Director, Dramatic Picture (King Vidor)

This was the only year the Academy had two Best Picture awards.  They were combined into one the next year.

Smilin’ Through


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Oscar Nomination

Best Picture (Irving Thalberg)

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Norma Shearer and Fredric March played dual roles.

Stage Door


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Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Pandro S. Berman)

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Best Director (Gregory La Cava)

Best Supporting ActressAndrea Leeds as Kay Hamilton

Best AdaptationMorris Ryskind and Anthony Veiller

Watch Kate and Ginger snark at each other!

Double Indemnity


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Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Joseph Sistrom)

Best Director (Billy Wilder)

Best ActressBarbara Stanwyck as Phyllis Dietrichson

Best ScreenplayRaymond Chandler and Billy Wilder

Best Music Score of a Dramatic or Comedy PictureMiklos Rozsa

Best Sound Recording-Loren L. Ryder

Best B&W CinematographyJohn F. Seitz

I always thought that Stanwyck looked like she does in this movie.  I thought she had really bad hair.  Boy, was I wrong.

Anchors Aweigh


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Oscar Winner

Best Scoring of a Musical PictureGeorgie Stoll

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Joe Pasternak)

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Best ActorGene Kelly as Joseph “Joe” Brady

Best Song“I Fall in Love Too Easily” by Jule Styne (Music) and Sammy Cahn (Lyrics)

Best Color CinematographyRobert Planck and Charles P. Boyle

The first teaming of Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra.  In the three films Sinatra co-starred with Kelly, he always played a shy guy who had trouble with the ladies.  Casting against type at its finest.

The Pride of the Yankees


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Oscar Winner

Best Film EditingDaniel Mandell

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Samuel Goldwyn)

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Best ActorGary Cooper as Lou Gehrig

Best ActressTeresa Wright as Eleanor Gehrig

Best Original Motion Picture StoryPaul Gallico

Best ScreenplayHerman J. Mankiewicz and Jo Swerling

Best Music Score of a Dramatic or Comedy PictureLeigh Harline

Best Sound RecordingThomas T. Moulton

Best B&W Art Direction-Perry Ferguson (Art Direction) and Howard Bristol (Set Decoration)

Best B&W CinematographyRudolph Mate

Wright is one of the few people who was nominated in two different acting categories.  The last person to achieve this was Jamie Foxx in 2004.



Image result for sounder 1972

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Robert B. Radnitz)

Image result for robert b radnitz

Best ActorPaul Winfield as Nathan Lee Morgan

Best ActressCicely Tyson as Rebecca Morgan

Best Adapted ScreenplayLonne Elder III

The young boy who played David directed a television remake of this film which aired in 2003.

An American in Paris


Image result for an american in paris 1951

Oscar Winners

Best Picture (Arthur Freed)

Image result for arthur freed mgm

Best Story and ScreenplayAlan Jay Lerner

Best Scoring of a Musical PictureJohnny Green and Saul Chaplin

Best Art Direction, ColorCedric Gibbons and Preston Ames (Art Direction); Edwin B. Willis and Keogh Gleason (Set Decoration)

Best Color CinematographyAlfred Gilks and John Alton (ballet sequence)

Best Color Costume DesignOrry-Kelly, Walter Plunkett, and Irene Sharaff

Oscar Nominations

Best Director (Vincente Minnelli)

Best Film EditingAdrienne Fazan

My Fair Lady


Image result for my fair lady 1964

Oscar Winners

Best Picture (Jack L. Warner)

Image result for jack l warner

Best Director (George Cukor)

Best ActorRex Harrison as Professor Henry Higgins

Best Original ScoreRobert B. Sherman and Richard M. Sherman

Best Adaptation or Treatment Score-Andre Previn

Best SoundGeorge Groves

Best Art Direction, ColorGene Allen and Cecil Beaton (Art Direction); George James Hopkins (Set Decoration)

Best Color CinematographyHarry Stradling

Best Costume Design, ColorCecil Beaton

Oscar Nominations

Best Supporting ActorStanley Holloway as Alfred P. Doolittle

Best Supporting ActressGladys Cooper as Mrs. Higgins

Best Adapted ScreenplayAlan Jay Lerner

Best Film EditingWilliam H. Ziegler

Audrey Hepburn wasn’t even nominated!



Image result for oliver 1968

Oscar Winners

Best Picture (Jack Woolf)

Image result for jack woolf producer

Best Director (Carol Reed)

Best Original or Adaptation ScoreJohn Green

Best Sound-Shepperton Studio Sound Dept.

Best Art DirectionJohn Box and Terence Marsh (Art Direction); Vernon Dixon and Ken Muggleston (Set Decoration)

Oscar Nominations

Best ActorRon Moody as Fagin

Best Supporting ActorJack Wild as Jack Dawkins aka “The Artful Dodger”

Best Adapted ScreenplayVernon Harris

Best Costume DesignPhyllis Dalton

Best CinematographyOswald Morris

Best Film Editing-Ralph Kemplen

The musical version of Dicken’s Oliver Twist.

The Broadway Melody


Image result for the broadway melody 1929

Oscar Winner

Best Picture (Irving Thalberg and Lawrence Weingarten)

Image result for irving thalbergImage result for lawrence weingarten

Oscar Nominations

Best Director (Harry Beaumont)

Best ActressBessie Love as Harriet “Hank” Mahoney

The musical numbers are nice.  That’s all I have to say.



I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang


Image result for i am a fugitive from a chain gang (1932)

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Hal B. Wallis)

Image result for hal b wallis

Best ActorPaul Muni as James Allen

Best Sound RecordingNathan Levinson

This film helped bring about the end of the Georgia chain-gang system.

Grand Illusion


Image result for grand illusion 1937

Oscar Nomination

Best Picture (Frank Rollmer and Albert Pinkovitch)

The first foreign film to be nominated for Best Picture.

Broadway Melody of 1936


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Oscar Winner

Best Dance DirectionDave Gould

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (John W. Considine, Jr.)

Image result for john w considine jr

Best Original StoryMoss Hart

Just watch the dancing.



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Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Sidney Franklin)

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Best ActressGreta Garbo as Nina Ivanovna “Ninotchka” Yakushova

Best StoryMelchior Lengyel

Best ScreenplayCharles Brackett, Walter Reisch, and Billy Wilder

Garbo’s first comedy and then she made another comedy and it stunk, so she retired.

Auntie Mame


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Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Jack L. Warner)

Image result for jack l warner

Best ActressRosalind Russell as Mame Dennis

Best Supporting ActressPeggy Cass as Agnes Gooch

Best Art Direction-Malcolm Bert (Art Direction) and George James Hopkins (Set Decoration)

Best Color CinematographyHarry Stradling, Sr.

Best Film EditingWilliam Ziegler

Auntie Mame raises her nephew to live!

Mildred Pierce


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Oscar Winner

Best ActressJoan Crawford as Mildred Pierce Beragon

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Jerry Wald)

Image result for jerry wald

Best Supporting ActressEve Arden and Ann Blyth as Ida Corwin and Veda Pierce Forrester

Best ScreenplayRanald MacDougall

Best B&W CinematographyErnest Haller

Mildred’s daughter is a spoiled little bitch.

Father of the Bride


Image result for father of the bride 1950

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Pandro S. Berman)

Image result for pandro s berman

Best ActorSpencer Tracy as Stanley T. Banks

Best ScreenplayFrances Goodrich and Albert Hackett

Tracy discovers planning a wedding is hell.

The Bridge on the River Kwai


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Oscar Winners

Best Picture (Sam Spiegel)

Image result for sam spiegel

Best Director (David Lean)

Best ActorAlec Guinness as Lieutenant Colonel Nicholson

Best Adapted ScreenplayMichael Wilson, Carl Foreman, and Pierre Boulle

Best Original ScoreMalcolm Arnold

Best CinematographyJack Hildyard

Best Film Editing-Peter Taylor

Oscar Nomination

Best Supporting ActorSessue Hayakawa as Colonel Saito

Wilson and Foreman were blacklisted and used Boulle as a front.  They were posthumously awarded Oscars in 1985.



Image result for patton 1970

Oscar Winners

Best Picture (Frank McCarthy)

Image result for frank mccarthy producer

Best Director (Franklin J. Schaffner)

Best ActorGeorge C. Scott as General George S. Patton

Best Original ScreenplayFrancis Ford Coppola and Edmund H. North

Best Sound-Douglas O. Williams and Don J. Bassman

Best Art Direction-Urie McCleary and Gil Parrondo (Art Direction); Antonio Mateos and Pierre-Louis Thevenet

Best Film EditingHugh S. Fowler

Oscar Nominations

Best Original ScoreJerry Goldsmith

Best CinematographyFred J. Koenekamp

Best Special Visual Effects-Alex Weldon

Scott refused his Oscar due to seeing it as a “meat parade.”

From Here to Eternity


Image result for from here to eternity (1953)

Oscar Winners

Best Picture (Buddy Adler)

Image result for buddy adler

Best Director (Fred Zinnemann)

Best Supporting ActorFrank Sinatra as Private Angelo Maggio

Best Supporting ActressDonna Reed as Alma Burke/Lorene

Best Story and ScreenplayDaniel Taradash

Best Sound RecordingJohn P. Livadary

Best B&W CinematographyBurnett Guffey

Best Film Editing-William Lyon

Oscar Nominations

Best ActorBurt Lancaster and Montgomery Clift as First Sergeant Milton Warden and Private Robert E. Lee “Prew” Prewitt

Best ActressDeborah Kerr as Karen Holmes

Best Dramatic or Comedy ScoreMorris Stoloff and George Duning

Best B&W Costume DesignJean Louis

You wouldn’t know it by the picture above, but the scene slowly dissolves into nastiness and tragedy about a woman’s promiscuity and the loss of her child.  Here’s the scene in detail (thank you, FilmSite):

Karen: (breathlessly) I never knew it could be like this. Nobody ever kissed me the way you do.
Warden: Nobody?
Karen: No, nobody.
Warden: Not even one? Out of all the men you’ve been kissed by?
Karen: Now that’d take some figuring. How many men do you think there’ve been?
Warden: I wouldn’t know. Can’t you give me a rough estimate?
Karen (sarcastically): Not without an adding machine. Do you have your adding machine with you?
Warden: I forgot to bring it.
Karen: Then I guess you won’t find out, will you?
Warden: Maybe I already know.

Karen: What’s the matter? What are you hinting at?
Warden: Why? Is there something to hint at? Maybe there’s been a long line of beach parties.
Karen: You must be crazy.
Warden: Am I? What about when you and Holmes were back at Ft. Bliss? Did you ever hear of a soldier named Stark? Maylon Stark?
Karen: Why yes.
Warden: (mimicking) Why yes. (accusatory) You knew him too, didn’t ya? Didn’t ya?
Karen: I had to go and forget you were like all the rest of them.
Warden: Only it’s true, ain’t it? Well ain’t it?

Warden: Why don’t you tell me about it? Tell me the story. There’s always a story.
Karen: You don’t leave a person anything, do you? (She again tries to leave, but he holds on and pulls her back. She attempts to strike at him, but he blocks her. She falls in front of him. He walks back to get his clothes.) Come back here, Sergeant. I’ll tell you the story. You can take it back to the barracks with you. I’d only been married to Dana two years when I found out he was cheating. And by that time, I was pregnant. I thought I had something to hope for. I was almost happy the night the pains began. I remember Dana was going to an officer’s conference. I told him to get home early to bring the doctor with him. And maybe he would have if his conference hadn’t been with a hat check girl. He was drunk when he came in at five a.m. I was lying on the floor. I begged him to go for the doctor, but he fell on the couch and passed out. The baby was born about an hour later. Of course it was dead. It was a boy. But they worked over me at the hospital. They fixed me up fine. They even took my appendix out. They threw that in free…And one more thing – no more children. Sure I went out with men after that. And if I’d ever found one that…I know. Until I met you, I didn’t think it was possible either.



Image result for casablanca 1942

Oscar Winners

Best Picture (Hal B. Wallis)

Image result for hal b wallis

Best Director (Michael Curtiz)

Best ScreenplayJulius J. Epstein, Philip G. Epstein, and Howard Koch

Oscar Nominations

Best ActorHumphrey Bogart as Rick Blaine

Best Supporting ActorClaude Rains as Captain Louis Renault

Best Musical Score of a Dramatic or Comedy PictureMax Steiner

Best B&W CinematographyArthur Edeson

Best Film EditingOwen Marks


The Letter


Image result for the letter 1940

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Hal B. Wallis)

Image result for hal b wallis

Best Director (William Wyler)

Best ActressBette Davis as Leslie Crosbie

Best Supporting ActorJames Stephenson as Howard Joyce

Best Original ScoreMax Steiner

Best B&W CinematographyGaetano Gaudio

Best Film Editing-Warren Low

Oscar nominee Stephenson would die of a heart attack one year later.

Captains Courageous


Image result for captains courageous 1937

Oscar Winner

Best ActorSpencer Tracy as Manuel Fidello

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Louis D. Lighton)

Image result for louis d lighton

Best AdaptationJohn Lee Mahin, Marc Connelly, and Dale Van Every

Best Film Editing-Elmo Veron

Spencer Tracy was one of the greatest actors, but he could not do accents.

The Ox-Bow Incident


Image result for the ox bow incident

Oscar Nomination

Best Picture (Lamar Trotti)

Image result for lamar trotti

The last film to be solely nominated for Best Picture.

The Sundowners


Image result for the sundowners 1960

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Fred Zinnemann)

Image result for fred zinnemann

Best Director (Fred Zinnemann)

Best ActressDeborah Kerr as Ida Carmody

Best Supporting ActressGlynis Johns as Mrs. Firth

Best Adapted ScreenplayIsobel Lennart

Shot in Australia and surprisingly Robert Mitchum could do an Australian accent.

Anatomy of a Murder


Image result for anatomy of a murder

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Otto Preminger)

Image result for otto preminger

Best ActorJames Stewart as Paul Biegler

Best Supporting ActorArthur O’Connell and George C. Scott as Parnell McCarthy and Claude Dancer

Best Adapted ScreenplayWendell Mayes

Best B&W CinematographySam Leavitt

Best Film Editing-Louis R. Loeffler

The judge was played by Joseph N. Welch, who was involved in the televised McCarthy hearings.

Kings Row


Image result for kings row 1942

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Hal B. Wallis)

Image result for hal b wallis

Best Director (Sam Wood)

Best B&W CinematographyJames Wong Howe

Dark secrets in a small town.

On the Waterfront


Image result for on the waterfront 1954

Oscar Winners

Best Picture (Sam Spiegel)

Image result for sam spiegel

Best Director (Elia Kazan)

Best ActorMarlon Brando as Terry Malloy

Best Supporting ActressEva Marie Saint as Edie Doyle

Best ScreenplayBudd Schulberg

Best B&W Art DirectionRichard Day

Best B&W CinematographyBoris Kaufman

Best Film Editing-Gene Milford

Oscar Nominations

Best Supporting ActorLee J. Cobb, Karl Malden, and Rod Steiger as Michael J. Skelly aka “Johnny Friendly”, Father Barry, and Charley “the Gent” Malloy

Best Score of a Dramatic or Comedy PictureLeonard Bernstein

Fun fact: winner Eva Marie Saint gave birth the next day.

All the King’s Men


Image result for all the king's men 1949

Oscar Winners

Best Picture (Robert Rossen)

Image result for robert rossen

Best ActorBroderick Crawford as Willie Stark

Best Supporting ActressMercedes McCambridge as Sadie Burke

Oscar Nominations

Best Director (Robert Rossen)

Best Supporting ActorJohn Ireland as Jack Burden

Best ScreenplayRobert Rossen

Best Film EditingRobert Parrish and Al Clark

There was a 2006 remake.  Don’t watch it.



Image result for hamlet 1948

Oscar Winners

Best Picture (Laurence Olivier)

Image result for laurence olivier oscar

Best ActorLaurence Olivier as Hamlet

Best B&W Art DirectionRoger K. Furse (Art Direction) and Carmen Dillon (Set Decoration)

Best B&W Costume DesignRoger K. Furse

Oscar Nominations

Best Director (Laurence Olivier)

Best Supporting ActressJean Simmons as Ophelia

Best Music Score of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture-William Walton

Olivier had quite the night.

Around the World in 80 Days


Image result for around the world in 80 days 1956

Oscar Winners

Best Picture (Michael Todd)

Image result for mike todd oscars

Best Adapted Screenplay-James Poe, John Farrow, and S.J. Perelman

Best Dramatic or Comedy ScoreVictor Young (posthumous)

Best Color CinematographyLionel Lindon

Best Film EditingGene Ruggiero and Paul Weatherwax

Oscar Nominations

Best Director (Michael Anderson)

Best Art Direction, Color-James W. Sullivan and Ken Adam (Art Direction); Ross J. Dowd (Set Decoration)

Best Costume Design, ColorMiles White

This movie is considered to be one of the worst Best Picture winner of all time.


Test Pilot


Image result for test pilot 1938

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Louis D. Lighton)

Image result for louis d lighton

Best Original StoryFrank Wead

Best Film Editing-Tom Held

Pilots Gable and Tracy love Myrna Loy.

The Magnificent Ambersons


Image result for the magnificent ambersons

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Orson Welles)

Image result for orson welles

Best Supporting ActressAgnes Moorehead as Fanny

Best B&W Art DirectionAlbert S. D’Agostino (Art Direction); Al Fields and Darrell Silvera (Set Decoration)

Best B&W CinematographyStanley Cortez

The ending was directed by editor Robert Wise.  Welles was in Brazil filming a documentary.  Nearly 50 minutes were cut from the film and Wise was told to make a happy ending.

The Lives of a Bengal Lancer


Image result for the lives of a bengal lancer 1935

Oscar Winner

Best Assistant Director-Clem Beauchamp and Paul Wing

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Louis D. Lighton)

Image result for louis d lighton

Best Director (Henry Hathaway)

Best AdaptationAchmed Abdullah, John L Balderston, Waldemar Young, Grover Jones, and William Slavens McNutt

Best Sound RecordingFranklin B. Hansen

Best Art DirectionHans Dreier and Roland Anderson

Best Film Editing-Ellsworth Hoagland

Wait, Gary Cooper plays a Brit?!  All right, I looked it up, he plays a Canadian.

The Talk of the Town


Image result for the talk of the town (1942)

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (George Stevens)

Image result for george stevens

Best Original Motion Picture Story-Sidney Harmon

Best ScreenplaySidney Buchman and Irwin Shaw

Best Music Score of a Dramatic or Comedy PictureFrederick Hollander and Morris Stoloff

Best B&W Art Direction-Lionel Banks and Rudolph Sternad (Art Direction); Fay Babcock (Set Decoration)

Best B&W CinematographyTed Tetzlaff

Best Film Editing-Otto Meyer

Fugitive Cary Grant and professor Ronald Colman fight over schoolteacher Jean Arthur.

Libeled Lady


Image result for libeled lady 1936

Oscar Nomination

Best Picture (Lawrence Weingarten)

Image result for lawrence weingarten

This special award to Weingarten was the only time Katharine Hepburn attended the Oscars.

Dark Victory


Image result for dark victory 1939

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (David Lewis)

Image result for david lewis producer

Best ActressBette Davis as Judith Traherne

Best Original ScoreMax Steiner

Bette Davis beautifully dies of a brain tumor.

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof


Image result for cat on a hot tin roof

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Lawrence Weingarten)

Image result for lawrence weingarten

Best Director (Richard Brooks)

Best ActorPaul Newman as Brick Pollitt

Best ActressElizabeth Taylor as Margaret “Maggie The Cat” Pollitt

Best Adapted ScreenplayRichard Brooks and James Poe

Best Color CinematographyWilliam Daniels

Tennessee Williams DID NOT like this adaptation of his play.

The Best Years of Our Lives


Image result for the best years of our lives

Oscar Winners

Best Picture (Samuel Goldwyn)

Image result for samuel goldwyn oscar

Best Director (William Wyler)

Best ActorFredric March as Platoon Sgt. Al Stephenson

Best Supporting Actor-Harold Russell as Petty Officer 2nd Class Homer Parrish

Best ScreenplayRobert E. Sherwood

Best Music Score of a Dramatic or Comedy PictureHugo Friedhofer

Best Film EditingDaniel Mandell

Oscar Nomination

Best Sound Recording-Gordon E. Sawyer

Three WWII veterans from different walks of life return to their hometown and find the city, their loved ones, and themselves changed.

Mrs. Miniver


Image result for mrs miniver

Oscar Winners

Best Picture (Sidney Franklin)

Image result for sidney franklin oscar

Best Director (William Wyler)

Best ActressGreer Garson as Kay Miniver

Best Supporting ActressTeresa Wright as Carol Beldon Miniver

Best Screenplay-George Froeschel, James Hilton, Claudine West, and Arthur Wimperis

Best B&W CinematographyJoseph Ruttenberg

Oscar Nominations

Best ActorWalter Pidgeon as Clem Miniver

Best Supporting ActorHenry Travers as Mr. Ballard

Best Supporting ActressDame May Whitty as Lady Beldon

Best Sound RecordingDouglas Shearer

Best Film Editing-Harold F. Kress

Greer Garson had one of the longest Oscar speeches in history at nearly six minutes.

Grand Hotel


Image result for grand hotel 1932

Oscar Winner

Best Picture (Irving Thalberg)

Image result for irving thalberg

The first all-star film.

It Happened One Night


Image result for it happened one night

Oscar Winners

Best Picture (Frank Capra and Harry Cohn)

Image result for harry cohn oscar 1935

Best Director (Frank Capra)

Best ActorClark Gable as Peter Warne

Best ActressClaudette Colbert as Ellen “Ellie” Andrews

Best AdaptationRobert Riskin

The first film to win the Big 5 (Picture, Director, Actor, Actress, and Screenplay).  It has been repeated only twice in 1975 and 1991.

42nd Street


Image result for 42nd street 1933

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Darryl F. Zanuck)

Image result for darryl f zanuck

Best Sound RecordingNathan Levinson

Watch how a Broadway musical goes from conception to reality.


We are in the final week of the 31 Days of Oscar festival.  For the rest of the series, all the films will be Best Picture nominees or winners.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream


Image result for a midsummer night's dream 1935

Oscar Winners

Best CinematographyHal Mohr

Best Film EditingRalph Dawson

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Henry Blanke)

Image result for henry blanke

Best Assistant Director-Sherry Shourds

The movie where James Cagney wears a donkey head.

The Maltese Falcon


Image result for the maltese falcon

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Hal B. Wallis)

Image result for hal b wallis

Best Supporting ActorSydney Greenstreet as Kasper Gutman

Best ScreenplayJohn Huston

Bogie and others look for a jewel-encrusted bird.  Huston’s directorial debut.

Top Hat


Image result for top hat 1935

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Pandro S. Berman)

Image result for pandro s berman

Best Song“Cheek to Cheek” by Irving Berlin

Best Art DirectionCarroll Clark and Van Nest Polgase

Best Dance DirectionHermes Pan

Who cares what the plot is about!  Fred and Ginger dance!

The Thin Man


Image result for the thin man 1934

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Hunt Stromberg)

Image result for hunt stromberg

Best Director (W.S. Van Dyke)

Best ActorWilliam Powell as Nick Charles

Best AdaptationFrances Goodrich and Albert Hackett

Nick and Nora drink martinis and solve mysteries!  Shot in 16 days.



Image result for gaslight 1944

Oscar Winner

Best ActressIngrid Bergman as Paula Alquist Anton

Best B&W Art DirectionCedric Gibbons and William Ferrari (Art Direction); Paul Huldschinsky and Edwin B. Willis (Set Decoration)

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Arthur Hornblow, Jr.)

Image result for arthur hornblow jr

Best ActorCharles Boyer as Gregory Anton

Best Supporting ActressAngela Lansbury as Nancy Oliver

Best ScreenplayJohn L. Balderston, Walter Reisch, and John Van Druten

Best B&W CinematographyJoseph Ruttenberg

Angela Lansbury’s film debut.

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers


Image result for seven brides for seven brothers

Oscar Winner

Best Scoring of a Musical PictureAdolph Deutsch and Saul Chaplin

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Jack Cummings)

Image result for jack cummings producer

Best Story and ScreenplayAlbert Hackett, Frances Goodrich, and Dorothy Kingsley

Best Cinematography, ColorGeorge J. Folsey

Best Film EditingRalph E. Winters

A musical about kidnapping!



Image result for picnic 1955

Oscar Winners

Best Art Direction, Color-William Flannery and Jo Mielziner (Art Direction); Robert Priestley (Set Decoration)

Best Film Editing-Charles Nelson and William A. Lyon

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Fred Kohlmar)

Image result for fred kohlmar

Best Director (Joshua Logan)

Best Supporting ActorArthur O’Connell as Howard Bevans

Best Music Score of a Dramatic or Comedy PictureGeorge Duning

Watch 37-year-old William Holden play someone at least ten years younger.

Mutiny on the Bounty


Image result for mutiny on the bounty 1935

Oscar Winner

Best Picture (Irving Thalberg and Frank Lloyd)

Image result for irving thalbergImage result for frank lloyd director

Oscar Nominations

Best Director (Frank Lloyd)

Best ActorClark Gable, Charles Laughton, and Franchot Tone as Fletcher Christian, Captain Bligh, and Byam

Best AdaptationJules Furthman, Talbot Jennings, and Carey Wilson

Best Scoring-MGM Studio Music Department

Best Film EditingMargaret Booth

Gable had to shave off his famous mustache for this role.

All Quiet on the Western Front


Image result for all quiet on the western front

Oscar Winners

Best Picture (Carl Laemmle, Jr.)

Image result for carl laemmle jr

Best Director (Lewis Milestone)

Oscar Nominations

Best WritingGeorge Abbott, Maxwell Anderson, and Del Andrews

Best CinematographyArthur Edeson

War is hell.



Image result for wings 1927

Oscar Winners

Best Picture (Lucien Hubbard)

Image result for lucien hubbard

Best Engineering EffectsRoy Pomeroy



Image result for cimarron 1931

Oscar Winners

Best Picture (William LeBaron)

Image result for william lebaron producer

Best AdaptationHoward Estabrook

Best Art DirectionMax Ree

Oscar Nominations

Best Director (Wesley Ruggles)

Best ActorRichard Dix as Yancey Cravat

Best ActressIrene Dunne as Sabra

Best CinematographyEdward Cronjager

Dunne’s first Oscar nomination.


The Story of Louis Pasteur


Image result for the story of louis pasteur 1936

Oscar Winners

Paul Muni as Louis Pasteur

Image result for paul muni

Best Original StoryPierre Collings and Sheridan Gibney

Best AdaptationPierre Collings and Sheridan Gibney

Oscar Nomination

Best Picture (Henry Blanke)

The story of the guy who made milk safe to drink for the rest of us.

The Private Life of Henry VII


Image result for the private life of henry viii 1933

Oscar Winner

Charles Laughton as King Henry VII

Image result for charles laughton oscar

Oscar Nomination

Best Picture (Alexander Korda)

Abe Lincoln in Illinois


Image result for abe lincoln in illinois 1940

Oscar Nominations

Raymond Massey as Abraham Lincoln

Image result for raymond massey

Best B&W CinematographyJames Wong Howe

Lust for Life


Image result for lust for life 1956

Oscar Winner

Best Supporting ActorAnthony Quinn as Paul Gaugin

Oscar Nominations

Kirk Douglas as Vincent van Gogh

Image result for kirk douglas

Best Adapted ScreenplayNorman Corwin

Best Art Direction, ColorCedric Gibbons, Hans Peters, and Preston Ames (Set Decoration); Edwin B. Willis and F. Keogh Gleason (Set Decoration)

This was probably the closest Douglas came to winning an Oscar.

Bad Day at Black Rock


Image result for bad day at black rock 1955

Oscar Nominations

Spencer Tracy as John J. Macreedy

Image result for spencer tracy

Best Director (John Sturges)

Best ScreenplayMillard Kaufman

Watch one-armed Tracy judo-chop Ernest Borgnine to the ground.

The Search


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Oscar Winner

Best Motion Picture StoryRichard Schweizer and David Wechsler

Oscar Nominations

Montgomery Clift as Ralph “Steve” Stevenson

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Best Director (Fred Zinnemann)

Best ScreenplayRichard Schweizer and David Wechsler

Ivan Jandl, the boy who played the young Czech, won a special Juvenile Academy Award for his performance.

My Favorite Year


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Oscar Nomination

Peter O’Toole as Alan Swann

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Based on Mel Brooks working with Errol Flynn during Your Show of Shows.

Cat Ballou


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Oscar Winner

Lee Marvin as Kid Shelleen/Tim Strawn

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Oscar Nominations

Best Adapted Screenplay-Walter Newman and Frank Pierson

Best Song“The Ballad of Cat Ballou” by Jerry Livingston (music) and Mack David (lyrics)

Best Adaptation or Treatment ScoreFrank De Vol

Best Film Editing-Charles Nelson

I haven’t seen this, but doesn’t Lee Marvin have a weird nose in this one?

Harry and Tonto


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Oscar Winner

Art Carney as Harry Coombes

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Oscar Nomination

Best Original ScreenplayPaul Mazursky and Josh Greenfeld

Tonto’s the cat.

There Will Be Blood


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Oscar Winners

Daniel Day-Lewis as Daniel Plainview

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Best CinematographyRobert Elswit

Oscar Nominations

Best Picture (Paul Thomas Anderson, Daniel Lupi, and JoAnne Sellar)

Best Director (Paul Thomas Anderson)

Best Adapted ScreenplayPaul Thomas Anderson

Best Sound EditingMatthew Wood and Christopher Scarabosio

Best Art DirectionJack Fisk (Art Direction) and