The “Woman of a Thousand Faces” has I believe her first SUTS day with 12 films.

Mariah’s Picks

Interrupted Melody (1955-2 pm/1 pm c)

Parker received her third and final Oscar nomination for her portrayal of Australian opera star Marjorie Lawrence who was felled by polio during the height of her career.   Glenn Ford co-stars as her devoted husband.

Caged (1950-4 pm/3 pm c)

Eleanor received her first Oscar nomination in a jam-packed year for her portrayal as a naive young woman who slowly transforms into a hardened criminal after being thrown in jail as an accessory to a robbery.

The Naked Jungle (1954-8 pm/7 pm c)

Parker is Charlton Heston’s mail-order bride who butts heads with him while battling a huge swarm of fire ants that threaten to destroy his plantation.

Scaramouche (1952-10 pm/9 pm c)

Eleanor is a fiery actress who has a passionate relationship with the man known as Scaramouche, Stewart Granger.  She has competition for Granger’s heart with Janet Leigh.