Not only is August 6 Mitchum’s SUTS day, it is also the 100th anniversary of his birth.  The New York Film Festival and others will have retrospectives and tributes to this underrated actor.  TCM has 13 films on the docket with one premiere: 1944’s When Strangers Marry.

Mariah’s Picks

The Locket (1946-6 am/5 am c)

This film noir is intriguing because it has a flashback within a flashback within a flashback.  They decided not to go with a fourth one.

Crossfire (1947-9 am/8 am c)

Bob stars with two other Bob’s in this film noir classic.  One Bob (not Mitchum) received a Best Supporting Actor nomination.

Holiday Affair (1949-10:30 am/9:30 am c)

The lighter side of Mitch.

The Story of G.I. Joe (1945-4 pm/ 3 pm c)

Bob received his only Oscar nomination for his portrayal of a world-weary soldier.

The Night of the Hunter (1955-8 pm/7 pm c)

Mitchum’s greatest role, featuring the famous “love/hate” scene.

Out of the Past (1947-10 pm/9 pm c)

Mitch doesn’t care that this girl will lead him to his doom.