The Queen of film noir makes her SUTS debut (I think) with 14 films.  Here are some of my picks.

Mariah’s Picks

Dead End (1937-6 am/5 am c)

Claire plays a prostitute who contracts syphilis (which the film could not identify by name) and earns her first Best Supporting Actress nomination.

Raw Deal (1948-5 pm/4pm c)

Trevor is a woman who helps her lover break out of jail.

Born to Kill (1947-8 pm/7 pm c)

Claire has an affair with her sister’s gold-digging, murderous husband.

Murder, My Sweet (1944-10 pm/9 pm c)

Trevor is the femme fatale who tries to do away with Phillip Marlowe, aka Dick Powell.

Key Largo (1948-2 am/1 am c)

Trevor won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her portrayal of an alcoholic singer and mistress to mob boss Edward G. Robinson.