Robert Montgomery makes his SUTS debut today.  The debonair leading man has 14 films on the schedule.  Here are some of my picks:

The Divorcee (1930)


Robert plays a small but pivotal role as the man who Norma Shearer decides to “balance the accounts” with after her husband confesses to an affair with a former girlfriend.

They Were Expendable (1945)


Robert returns to moviemaking after serving in WWII in this WWII war drama portraying the commander of a group of PT boats fighting in the Pacific.  John Wayne and Donna Reed co-star.

Night Must Fall (1937)


Robert plays against his debonair type as an Irishman who takes a job as a old lady’s caretaker.  However, he has a big secret hidden in a hatbox.

A Montgomery extra-I’ve linked the 1948 film The Saxon Charm, a film that is rarely seen.  Also stars Susan Hayward, John Payne, and Audrey Totter.



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