The first Best Actress Oscar winner makes her SUTS debut here with 12 films and two TCM premieres.  Gaynor is the first of a week of stars making their debuts on SUTS.  Here we go!

A Star is Born (1937)


Janet pretty much ends her career (she made two more movies after this) with an Oscar-nominated performance as an up-and-coming actress (ironically as Gaynor’s career was winding down) who is mentored by an alcoholic actor (Fredric March-who’s career was far from finished) on his way down.  Remade twice more (1954 and 1976), plus an upcoming remake possibly starring Bradley Cooper, maybe Beyonce or Lady Gaga?

State Fair (1933)


Janet is a farmer’s daughter who travels with her parents and brother to the Iowa State Fair and finds love with a reporter. Remade in 1945 and 1962.

Street Angel (1928)


Janet won an Oscar for her portrayal of a waif who finds love.  Apparently better than it sounds, I haven’t seen it yet.


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