Another SUTS newbie 16 films including two TCM premieres: 1928’s The Wedding March and 1929’s Thunderbolt.  Here are a few of my picks:


Doctor X (1932)


One of the last films made in the two-Technicolor process.  Fay is a young woman who is trying to prove that her mad scientist father is not responsible for a series of gruesome murders.  A horror with comedy in it.

The Mystery of the Wax Museum (1933)


The very last film made in the two-Technicolor process.  A sculptor (Lionel Atwill) who runs a wax museum is badly burned in a fire.  He rebuilds his museum and suddenly people and corpses are disappearing.  Who is responsible?

The Wedding March (1928)


A prince (Erich von Stroheim, who also directed) loves an innkeeper’s daughter (Wray).

King Kong (1933)


Fay Wray screams her way into history.

The Most Dangerous Game (1932)


This girl cannot catch a break!

Wray portrays a character exclusively created for the movie adaptation of the short story by Richard Cornell.




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