Today brings us 24 hours with 14 films which range from the 1930s to the 1970s.  Ball was nicknamed “Queen of the Bs” or “Technicolor Tessie.”  She had contracts with RKO (1930s) and MGM (1940s).  A bit of trivia: Ball wasn’t a natural redhead.

Anyhow, here are my picks.  Remember they will be available On Demand for one week from its airdate.

Five Came Back (1939)


Lucy plays a woman of “ill repute” who is taking a flight to Panama City, Panama with a diverse group of passengers including an eloping couple (Patric Knowles and Wendy Barrie), an elderly couple (C. Aubrey Smith and Elisabeth Risdon), a mobster’s little boy, and a criminal (Joseph Calliea) on his way to be put to death.  The plane goes way off course during a storm and crashes somewhere in Amazonian rainforest.  The group is stranded for weeks and unseen natives are about to attack.  When the plane is finally repaired, now it can only hold five people.  Obviously, the kid is one of the five and one of the pilots as well.  As for the others, who will stay behind?

The Big Street (1942)


Lucy plays a heartless bitch!  She is a singer who is paralyzed after a fall and forced to rely on the kindness of a heartsick waiter (Henry Fonda).  Lucy treats him like dirt, but Fonda takes it.  This is Lucy’s best film role and the producer, writer Damon Runyon, loved her performance.

The Dark Corner (1946)


Lucy is the loyal secretary to P.I. Mark Stevens who is framed for murder.  A can’t beat supporting cast includes Clifton Webb and William Bendix.

Yours, Mine and Ours (1968)


Lucy plays a widowed mom of eight who marries widower Henry Fonda, who is a father of ten.  Hilarity and long bathroom waits ensue.  See the baby in the picture, they decide they needed just one more child!

The Long, Long Trailer (1954)


Lucy and Desi on the big screen!  They are a pair of newlyweds who decide to take a cross-country trip in a new RV.  Lucy and Desi would make one more film together, 1956’s Forever Darling.




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