Star of the Month: Marie Dressler (Mondays in June)


TCM will be showing 17 of the Oscar-winning actresses’ movies.  She starred as the title character in the first full-length feature comedy-1914’s Tillie’s Punctured Romance (airing June 6)-also starring Charlie Chaplin and Mable Normand.  Dressler quit the movies for several years to return to Broadway.  She returned to movies in 1927 and became a bona-fide movie star at the age of 62!  Dressler was named the top box-office film star in 1932 and 1933 and won the Oscar for Best Actress (the 4th Best Actress honored!) for 1930’s Min and Bill (airing June 20).  Another piece of trivia: Marie Dressler was the first woman ever featured on the front cover of TIME magazine.  Sadly, Dressler died of cancer in 1934, still on top.

From Stage to Screen (Wednesdays and Thursdays in June)


TCM showcases a whopping 69 movies which were adapted from some of the very best stage plays and musicals.  Yes, A Streetcar Named Desire will be one of the movies airing on June 8.  Stage and screen actors (also husband and wife) Annette O’Toole and Michael McKean will be hosting this festival.

TCM Spotlight: Billy Wilder (Fridays in June)


One of Hollywood’s most famous writer-directors has 16 of movies-14 of which he directed-spotlighted every Friday in June.  Wilder created several Hollywood classics, movies which even someone who isn’t into classic movies can identify.  They include 1944’s Double Indemnity (airing June 3), 1950’s Sunset Boulevard (airing June 10), and 1959’s Some Like it Hot (airing June 24).  Remember, “nobody’s perfect.”



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