My 100th post!!

It has taken me so long to write it because I am just now coming off of cloud nine.  It all started in the fall.  I had just gotten tickets to the last Colbert show of the year-December 12, or so I thought.  A few days after I reserved the tickets, there were tickets available for December 16.  I thought “Could my greatest wish come true?  Could I go to a taping of The Colbert Report on my birthday?!!!”  A few minutes later, tickets became available on December 17.  I quickly discarded my previous tickets and got two tickets for December 17, 2013.  I was in seventh heaven!!

On the day of the taping, I insisted we get there early because there could be a long line.  Through the snow, sleet, and freezing rain, we walked eight miles to The Colbert Report’s studios.  When we got there, we were only the 6th people in line.  My mom kept on saying for the next 1.5 hours “You owe me.”  I kept wondering if was it was worth it.

Finally after 1.5 hours, we were let into the studio.  It was just as I had imagined it.  After a short wait, we walked into the studio.  Our seats were in the third row center.  After the warm-up comedian performed, Stephen came out and did his dance around the studio.  He asked a few questions from the audience, then he answered MY question.  I asked “Since you have a Black friend, a Jewish friend, why don’t you have a Catholic friend?”  We bantered back and forth for a minute and then HE ASKED ME IF I WANTED TO BE HIS CATHOLIC FRIEND.  I said “Yes!!”  THEN HE ASKED ME TO COME ON DOWN.  Inside, I was freaking out!!!  To test my Catholicism, Stephen asked me what a phrase in Latin meant.  I looked down on the floor, put my hands in my pockets and said “OH SHIT!!!” right in front of the audience!  Stephen told me it was the Latin word for birth control and he called me a Catholic slut!!!  He apologized, said it was un-Christian of him.  Next, I got to have my picture taken with HIM.  It was just like how the Black and Jewish friend pictures were taken.  Stephen points and smiles and I have a sad face.  The first time I purposely messed it up.  Then I got back to my seat and Stephen asked what my name was and then I said it was my birthday.  STEPHEN COLBERT SANG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME IN LATIN!!!  The only thing I remember after that was when one of the staff had me sign some paperwork so they could use my photo on social media.  I kept hitting my Mom and asking her if that just happened.

Conclusion:  IT WAS SO SO WORTH IT!!!




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