How Cold is it?: Stephen has to scrape the camera lens!

Tip of the Hat: To toy makers for making a bouncy seat with an Ipad holder; Logo Party!

A Viscious Competition in the Colbert House: Risk

What is a Full Nelson?: One million in sales of pot on their first day after becoming legal in Colorado

What Costs a Penny on Amazon: Steve Doocy’s parenting book

America’s Punching Bag: New Jersey

Another How Cold is it?: A reporter is using a banana as a hammer

The Word(s): Never-Ender’s Game, Thrift Justice

Human Medicine Cabinet: Stephen Colbert

Fox News Youth Correspondent: Pat Buchanan

COlbert Book Club: A Farewell to Arms

BYOE: (Bring Your Own Execution)

God’s Country Club: Sainthood

Hemingway’s children’s book: I’ll See You in Hell, Babar!

Best Hemingway adaptation: Ernest Goes to Camp

Wag of the Finger: Air Force, the Westminster Dog Show for allowing mutts into competition

Stephen’s new intern: Ja-Mes aka James

Stephen Colbert’s fallback position: Quarterback


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