Trainwreck: Barack-a-care

The Word (s): Inc. God We Trust

Goat-Headed God: Richard Branson

Hilarious New Twitter Feed: @RealHumanPraise #PraiseFOX

Goat-headed God: Richard Branson

Extended Interview: Dr. J!

Stephen’s Metal Band: Mushroom Death Suit

Tip of the Hat: Toys R’ Us for telling us nature sucks; John Pike for getting compensation for the brutality of John Pike; hopped-up pops; Starbucks for finding a way to stick it to the Chinese;

Wag of the Finger: Shroom tombs; American consumers for not out-spending China

Alleged Duck Murderer: David Letterman

Great Name: Poncho DeNews!

Is Harder to get into Harvard: Obamacare?!!

Awesome!: We, the Colbert Nation, outraised China!

 Totally Awesome!: Stephen Colbert’s November Sweeps Prostacular!!!

Inside Stephen’s Prostate: Kittens!!

February Sweeps: Maui Owie Prostacular!

First Blackout Mayor: Rob Ford

Now Vintage: Minimum wage




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