I was going to write separate posts for all the premieres of EVERY SINGLE SHOW.  What I didn’t count on is that my brain exploded when I actually tried to attempt this!!  So I am writing short recaps for each show grouped by the day of the week.  Also, I don’t do recaps on reality shows. if you want recaps for Dancing with the Stars or some other crap, this post is not for you!





7 pm: The Simpsons (premiered Sept. 29)-I’ve been watching this show for 25 years.  Why stop now?  Also, this year’s Treehouse of Horror was pretty good.  WATCH

Once Upon a Time (Sept. 29)-I have only watched the pilot episode.  Didn’t watch the season premiere.  May watch the season finale. DON’T WATCH

7:30 pm-Bob’s Burgers (premiered Sept. 29)-the Halloween episode was pretty good.  WATCH (if nothing else was on, or Hulu sometime during the week)

8 pm-Revenge (premiered Sept 29)-Season 3 is going back to the basics, and for the better.  WATCH

The Good Wife (premiered Sept. 29)-I watched episode 5 twice!!.  The s–t has hit the fan!!!  WATCH WATCH

Homeland (premiered Sept. 29)-I don’t have Showtime.  Sorry.

Family Guy (premiered Sept. 29)-Same-O, Same-O.  Maybe WATCH it on Hulu

Boardwalk Empire (premiered Sept. 4)-I don’t have HBO, but I’ve heard it has been good this season.

8:30pm-American Dad! (premiered Sept. 29)-last season on Fox.  Will move to TBS in 2014.  WATCH

9pm-Betrayal (premiered Sept. 29)-Looked good on paper.  DON’T WATCH

The Mentalist (premiered Sept. 29)-The show is finally closing the Red John chapter.  WATCH

Masters of Sex (premiered Sept. 29)-still don’t get Showtime.

Eastbound & Down (premiered Sept. 29)-sorry, no HBO.

9:30 pm-Hello, Ladies (premiered Sept. 29)-read post above.



7pm-How I Met Your Mother (premiered Sept. 23)-It’s the final season.  WATCH

Bones (premiered Sept. 16)-Booth and Bones got married.  WATCH

Hart of Dixie (premiered Oct. 7)-forget it.  DON’T WATCH.

7:30pm-We Are Men (premiered Sept. 30)-CANCELLED

8pm-2 Broke Girls (premiered Sept. 23)-This show has so much potential and they are wasting it for easy sex jokes.  DON’T WATCH

Beauty and the Beast (premiered Oct. 7)-Liked the original better.  DON’T WATCH

Sleepy Hollow (premiered Sept. 16)-the biggest hit of the 2013 fall season.  WATCH

8:30pm-Mom (premiered Sept. 23)-Just meh.  DON’T WATCH

9pm-Castle (premiered Sept. 23)-Castle and Beckett are engaged and still interesting to watch.  WATCH

The Blacklist (premiered Sept. 23)-Sorry, people, I can only choose one.  DON’T WATCH

Hostages (premiered Sept. 23)-Another show that had so much potential.  DON’T WATCH (but read the recaps on AV Club-they are hysterical)



7pm-Dads (premiered Sept. 17)-FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, WHY DID THIS GET A FULL SEASON?!!!  DON’T WATCH!!

NCIS (premiered Sept. 24)-If you want to watch it, wait until it premieres on USA Network later.  DON’T WATCH

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (premiered Sept. 24)-a big disappointment, so far.  DON’T WATCH

7:30 pm-Brooklyn Nine-Nine (premiered Sept. 17)-the funniest new show of the season! WATCH

8pm-NCIS LA (premiered Sept. 24)-same as NCIS.  DON’T WATCH

New Girl (premiered Sept. 17)-still very funny.  WATCH

The Goldbergs (premiered Sept. 24)-You could probably wait to watch this on DVR or Hulu.  WATCH?

Supernatural (premiered Oct. 8)-Never got into it.  DON’T WATCH

8:30pm-The Mindy Project (premiered Sept. 17)-It’s getting somewhat better.  WATCH (on DVR or Hulu)

Trophy Wife (premiered Sept. 24)-If not for Brooklyn-Nine-Nine, this would be the funniest show of the new season.  WATCH

9pm-Sons of Anarchy (premiered Sept. 10)-this is some crazy s%^t.  WATCH

Chicago Fire (premiered Sept. 24)-Just mediocre.  DON’T WATCH

Person of Interest (premiered Sept. 24)-my mother keeps my up on this show.  DON’T WATCH

Lucky 7 (premiered Sept. 24)-CANCELLED



Revolution (premiered Sept. 25)-Lost interest a long time ago.  DON’T WATCH

The Middle (premiered Sept. 25)-I don’t watch it enough to have an opinion.  WATCH?

Arrow (premiered Oct. 9)-Not interested.  DON’T WATCH

7:30pm-Back in the Game (premiered Sept. 25)-The pilot wasn’t enough to keep me interested.  DON’T WATCH

8pm-Modern Family (premiered Sept. 25)-Lily’s finally funny.  WATCH

Criminal Minds (premiered Sept. 25)-Too freaking dark for me.  DON’T WATCH

Law & Order SVU (premiered Sept. 25)-I’ll catch up in USA reruns.  DON’T WATCH

The Tomorrow People (premiered Oct. 9)-UGH.  DON’T WATCH

8:30pm-Super Fun Night (premiered Oct. 2)-Not interested.  DON’T WATCH

9pm-Ironside (premiered Oct. 2)-CANCELLED

Nashville (premiered Sept. 25)-Just watch this on DVR.  WATCH (on DVR)

CSI (premiered Sept. 25)-This show has been on for 15 years.  DON’T WATCH

South Park (premiered Sept. 25)-The show’s still got it.  WATCH

American Horror Story: Coven (premiered Oct. 9)-Still effin’ crazy!!  WATCH



7pm-The Big Bang Theory (premiered Sept. 26)-Hysterical.  WATCH

Parks and Recreation (premiered Sept. 26)-Also hysterical.  WATCH (and have major dilemma on what to watch)

The Vampire Diaries (premiered Oct. 3)-Heard it’s good, but not for me.  DON’T WATCH

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (premiered Oct. 10)-Sorry, Big Bang and/or Parks is on.  DON’T WATCH

7:30 pm-Welcome to the Family (premiered Oct. 3)-CANCELLED

The Millers (premiered Oct. 3)-Too many fart jokes.  DON’T WATCH

8pm-Grey’s Anatomy (premiered Sept. 26)-It’s Sandra Oh’s last year, so WATCH.

The Crazy Ones (premiered Sept. 26)-This show is growing on me.  WATCH (on DVR)

Glee (premiered Sept. 26)-Why start now?  DON’T WATCH

Sean Saves the World (premiered Oct. 3)-NO, NO, NO.  DON’T WATCH

Reign (premiered Oct. 17)-Costumes look good.  DON’T WATCH

8:30pm-The Michael J. Fox Show (premiered Sept. 26)-Has potential.  WATCH (on DVR or Hulu)

Two and a Half Men (premiered Sept. 26)-This show’s still on?!!  DON’T WATCH

9pm-Parenthood (premiered Sept. 26)-DVR this show and watch Scandal live.  WATCH (on DVR)

Scandal (premiered Oct. 3)-Best show on TV.  WATCH

Elementary (premiered Sept. 26)-When it goes into syndication, I may watch it then.  DON’T WATCH



7pm-Last Man Standing (premiered Sept. 20)-No thank you.  DON’T WATCH

7:30pm-The Neighbors (premiered Sept. 20)-Not this one either.  DON’T WATCH

8pm-Hawaii Five-O (premiered Sept. 27)-Tell me when something interesting happens.  DON’T WATCH

9pm-Blue Bloods (premiered Sept. 27)-It’s okay, but not appointment television.  DON’T WATCH



10:30-Saturday Night Live (premiered Sept. 28)-Still fairly funny.  WATCH


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