Where in the World is…Jon Stewart?: Waiting for the cableman!  Playing Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman!  Lost at sea with Wilson the Volleyball!

Writing a Travel Book: Edward Snowden

THE WORLD IS ENDING!: Democrats and Republicans are working together

Guess Who Spent $45K to Find Out Who Hacked his Twitter Account?: Anthony Weiner aka CARLOS DANGER!!

Why America is Obsessed with Anthony Weiner’s Penis: Because Anthony Weiner is obsessed with his penis

Extended Interview: One

Surprisingly Still on the Air: The McLaughlin Group

Judge Johnny Rules: Haliburton can eat a back of dicks; Lance Armstrong is a giant douche; and for God’s sake, never listen to Joe Biden!

The Worst “C” Word: Congress

New Segment: Can’t You at Least Wait Until Jon Stewart Gets Back

The Worst Mayor Ever: Mayor Bob Filner of San Diego (I won’t even link what he’s done, just Google it!)



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