Where in the World is…Jon Stewart?: Trying to break the world record for watermelon smashing with his head!  Getting voted off America’s Next Top Model!  Spending the summer in a haunted house!

Guess Who was Born in Canada?: Ted Cruz!

Senor Sweater Vest: Rick Santorum

Do It, Donald Trump!: Run for President, again!!!

Here’s a Good Question: What does abortion have to do with motorcycle safety?

About to Lose Their “Craziest Carolina” Card: South Carolina

For the Love of God, People!: Stop putting politics into everything!

Guess When the Tax Code was Last Reformed?: 1986

Weirdest Tax Credit: For burning chicken poop

Extended Interview: One

John Oliver’s New Nickname: CARLOS DANGER!!!





One Response

  1. Oliver has done a great job filling in for Stewart, but I look forward to have Stewart back! Thx for sharing!

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