Jon’s Job for 8 years: Insulting the President

What Happens when Egypt’s Jon Stewart Insults the President?: Jail

Best Place to Live…if you are a Gun: Arizona

Extended Interviews: Two

Who wants to Blow Up Austin, Texas?: North Korea

The Frugal Pope: Francis

Who is a Major Nickname for Richard?: Mike Rice (Thank God he was fired)

Good News: The US Government is no longer living month to month!!!

Bad News: We get to do this again in five-six months.  See you in September!

Good News: Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal said the GOP needs to cease being “the stupid party”

Bad News: His approval rating is 38%

Who Wants to Evolve the Definition of News at CNN?: Jeff Zucker

How’s it Going?: IMO, not well.  Watch CNN and see if you agree with me

How Many VA Claims are Still 100% on Paper?: 97%

How did the VA Determine that their Floors where they Store their Files?: With the iPhone Leveler App

Great Idea: Hire veterans to work at the VA.  They would be able to file their own claims!

RIP: Roger Ebert.  I’ll see you at the movies.


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