The One Person Who Thinks the Sequester is a Good Thing: Stephen

An Apparently Good Idea: Cut gun training from 10 hours to 4 hours

What Jon Stewart is Really Going to do this Summer: Stage a coup for the Venezuelan presidency

The Black Alaskan: Brian

We Overcame It!: Racism!

The Story the 24-News Networks were Born to Cover: The Filibuster

Attention Whore: North Korea

Who Received a Rose?: John Sexton, sorry Dougie


March 4

The sequester is good?

Note to self: Cheese grater

Stephen blames Obama, I blame Congress

Stephen unleashes his inner Trekkie


The Enemy Within-Giant Nads!

Gun Sales are up

Who thinks it’s a good idea to cut gun training from 10 hours to 4 hours?  Anyone?

The “Rachel” haircut kinda looks good on that guy

Giving away guns in high-crime areas as a social experiment?

Kirk Bloodsworth

March 5

Jon is going to Venezuela go take over the presidency!

Michael Oren

“Couples Only” Mars trip

James Franco

March 6

Al Gore isn’t dead

Winter storm Saturn

Uranus is better

The Snow-quester

Challenge to the Voting Rights Act

Brian the Black Alaskan

We Overcame It!-Racism

Julian Bond

Thought for Food

Mayor Bloom-jerk

Brendan O’Connell

March 7

The filibuster-the story the 24-hour news media was born to cover

Stephen love drone

North Korea=attention whore

Weird North Korean commercial

Why is the dancing hot dog guy in Stephen’s dream?

Sean is good-looking

You can be a born-again virgin?

Who will Stephen choose to be his guest?-it’s John Sexton, sorry Dougie


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