10:00-Welcome to The Daily Show election night coverage!!!

10:00-Patrick Stewart opened the show!!!

10:02-Pennsylvania, named after Penn Gillette

10:02-Don’t screw with the Amish

10:02-Mitt Romney’s picture has been mudded

10:03-Scott Brown goes overboard

10:04-John Oliver is wearing Ipads on his arms

10:05-Poor TDS, they don’t have CNN’s hologram budget

10:06-The Dems are sending out fundraising emails?

10:06-Biden looks like a guy who eats a lot of hot wings

10:07-Lost the audio

10:08-Romney drunk on Diet Coke

10:11-Claire McCaskill defeats Todd Akin

10:12-The first person to hit 270 gets to bomb Iran

10:12-2016 election results: Hillary Clinton defeats Jeb Bush

10:13-Medea for VP?

10:13-Hillary choices for VP is a 1962 Chevy and a can of beer

10:15-Samantha Bee reports on undecided voters

10:15-It’s the same people Bee reported on in 2008!!

10:16-The “choice” lady couldn’t choose!

10:21-The South Park guys were right.  “Obama Wins”

10:22-Hologram George Washington (as played by Jason Jones)

10:25-Son of a French whore!!

10:29-Yes, we want results!!

10:29-Yes, Jon, hopefully the fever has broken.


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