7:00-Hey, Madonna’s the Queen of Egypt!

7:02-You play that mini-harp!!

7:05-Will Ferrell?

7:05-It’s the LMFAO guys!

7:06-We know, Madonna, you’re strong.

7:07-Nicki Minjai?

7:08-This is the most clothed Madonna I have seen, like ever.

7:09-And now Cee-Lo.

7:10-“Like a Prayer”  Ooh boy, can’t wait to what happens.

7:13-Wow, she kept her clothes on.  Nothing scandalous at all.  Thank God, we do not need another Teat Gate.

7:18-GE: Detroit, you are badass!  Clint Eastwood’s right….it’s America’s halftime, now it’s time for the second half.

7:23-Ochocinco is the Pats now?


7:29-Smash commercial again.  NBC’s putting all their eggs in one basket.

7:38-17-12 Pats

7:39-PepsiMAX: I miss Regis!

7:41-Toyota: A reinvented baby?!

7:42-Okios Greek Yogurt: John Stamos just gets more handsome every year.

7:45-GE: In Louisville, Kentucky!!!

7:59-End of 3rd Quarter

8:06-Trailer: Act of Valor.  With real soldiers

8:07-MetLife: The most cartoon characters on one screen since “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”

8:11-Hyundai: Oh no, Bob’s dead.  No, wait, he’s alive

8:12-Bud Light: A dog who fetches you beer.  Nice.

8:19-Kia Optima: Aww, Mr. Sandman and one man’s epic dream.

8:20-Career Builder-With monkeys!

8:24-Samsung Galaxy: Oh, I get it now, your move, Apple.

8:29-Starting to look like the Pats will get their revenge.

8:32-I may have spoke too soon.

8:38-Cadillac: On the most dangerous road in the world.

8:43-TOUCHDOWN GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8:52-GIANTS!!!  GIANTS!!!  GIANTS!!! (Skip to 9:21)




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