Super Bowl XLVI The Live Blog Part Deux

5:39-Audi: watched it the other night.  Not bad.

5:41-Pepsi: Elton John as a evil king?!!  Who’s the singer?

5:42-Huyndai: Never let cheetahs try to outrun a car.  They will instead go after the person who thought of the dumb idea in the first place.

5:51-TOUCHDOWN GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Plus a safety.

5:52-Pats have had the ball for only one play.

5:54-M&M’s: You can’t get rid of “I’m Sexy and I Know It.”

5:54-Best Buy Mobile: Features the guys who invented “Words With Friends” on an airplane.

5:55-Coca-Cola: Polar Bear “talk”

5:56-Chevy Silverado: Survives the Apocolypse with a below-the-belt hit to Ford.  Ouch!

6:01-End of first quarter   Giants:9   Patriots:0

6:02-GoDaddy: Whatever.

6:03-Trailer: Battleship.  Looks cool, but really Hollywood?!  Now, board games?

6:06-Pats finally score

6:06-Budwiser: No one had Budwiser for 13 years during Prohibition.  I’m kinda surprised no one has ever created that type of commercial until now.

6:08-Chevy Camarro: Hey, Mr. Johnson stole my car!  Guys’ parents have a lot of ‘splanning to do.

6:09-GE: Interesting place.

6:10-Trailer: John Carter of Mars.  Meh. The kid peed in a pool!!!

6:13-Trailer: The Lorax.  Yes, that was a woman.

6:14-Volkwagon Beetle: Dog loses weight.  Neat twist at he end.

6:20-H&M Bodywear: David Beckham has a lot of tattoos.

6:21-Coca Cola: Dude, you took out a lot guys for one Coke.  Hope it was worth it!

6:30-Man, the Pats are not playing well tonight!

6:31-Chevy Sonic: They said not to try this at home.

6:32-Trailer: Star Wars: The Phantom Menace in 3D!!!

6:36-Trailer: The Avengers.  I will be there!

6:37-Sketchers: Look at Mr. Quigley go! What did I just see?

6:43-Doritos: Lesson-Don’t mess with kids in baby bouncers, and Grandmas on scooters.

6:44-Trailer: G.I. Joe Retalliation-now with The Rock and Bruce Willis!

6:48-The Pats finally score a touchdown.  Wait a sec, now they’re in the lead!


6:52-NFL:  I want a million bucks!

Again, I will the post the links when available.


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