Super Bowl XLVI-The Liveblog

Welcome to the Super Bowl!!!!….Live Blog.

5:06-Some NFL players singing “The Wind Beneath My Wings.”  Good save at the end.  NAILED IT!!!!

5:07-Meet the players.  Some of them are soooo excited

5:11-New spokesman for Hulu: Will Arnett

5:12-Glide shavers: I hate Adrien Brody’s mustache/beard.  He looks like Guy Fawkes.

5:15-Newlyweds Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton sing “America the Beautiful.”  Blake-good.  Miranda-meh.

5:17-Kelly Clarkson and kids sing the National Anthem.  Good.  No one still top Whitney Houston.

5:19-Trailer: The Dictator.  Saw it online already.

5:20-Corporado Sportswear from Old Navy: What is up with this guy?!

5:22-The first Olympic commercial

5:25-Yes!!!!  It’s heads!!!!  I win a free pizza!!!!! (I think)

I will provide links later.


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